ACIS Makes Planning Easy

Planning Trips Made Easy

Planning a trip for your students may seem like a daunting task, but at ACIS, we work our magic to make planning as straightforward as possible. That way you can focus on just preparing your students for an amazing adventure.

It’s really as easy as six simple steps. But for all the details and loads of recruiting tools, login to My Account and visit the Group Leader Academy.

Step 1. Pick a Trip

Start by browsing our 200+ trip options for an adventure that excites you and reflects your vision, and be sure to meet your ACIS Program Consultant. They’ll listen to your interests, educational goals and concerns to help you choose or customize the ideal trip. Call us at 800-888-ACIS or email and to get connected with one of our U.S.-based Program Consultants.

Choose your trip

Step 2: Talk to the school board

ACIS’ reputation makes it easy to win school board approval. Contact us, and we’ll help you earn the go-ahead by sending a School Board Packet with extensive materials and information about ACIS and the educational value of our trips.

School board approval

Step 3: Meet with the students and parents

Time to recruit participants! At an evening meeting for students and parents, explain the power of educational travel and address their questions and concerns. We’ll provide a customized PowerPoint presentation and video to help structure the meeting and generate excitement. Be sure to have ACIS Registration Booklets on hand so parents and students can register right away! Often, ACIS staff and local representatives can also be made available for your meetings.

Plan a meeting

Step 4: Register your group

Now that everyone is excited to travel, let’s get your participants registered! They can register online or submit the Participant Registration Form you handed out at your meeting.

Register your group

Step 5: Grow your group

Keep on recruiting and generating buzz! Talk up your trip! Spread the word! You should also keep your group excited by holding additional meetings and keeping in touch through social channels and email.

Grow your group

Step 6: Go!

Once your group is gathered and registered, all that’s left is to pack your bags, relax and go! Let our Tour Managers take it from here as you embark on an unforgettable, educational journey.

Go on your trip

Visit our tour pages to find the trip that’s perfect for you!

Free weekend training conference

To help prepare you for leading a group, we’d like to invite you on a free weekend trip to Barcelona, so you can experience the level of care provided on all our trips.

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