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ACIS has created a series of free lesson plans to bring history to life, increase cultural awareness, practice language and deepen understanding of how science impacts society. There is something for everyone, and no limit to how many you may download. Our goal is to empower educators to inspire the next generation of global citizens. We primarily do this through travel, but we can’t help but provide resources for the classroom as well.

History and Social Studies

AP Classroom Content and Educational Travel

Together, with AP educator and ACIS Group Leader Scott Martin, we have put together an overview of the ways educational travel brings AP classroom curriculum to life.

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Virtual Tourism

Travel to some of the world’s most historic sites, all through an online lesson plan.

covers of all Virtual Tourism lesson plans

Monarchs Who Shaped History

Discover the impact of three famous monarchs on the world we know today.

Covers of Monarchs who shaped history lesson plans

Lesson Plan: Ovid and the Art of Love

In this classroom activity, students will engage meaningfully with Ovid’s primary source, Ars Amatoria, and compare cultural norms from the past with their own day-to-day lives.

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Foreign Language Learning

Cultural Resources for the Spanish, French, German and Italian Language Classrooms

These comprehensive guides of free, online resources, from curated university libraries to embassy sites, explore the history and culture of the Spanish, French, German and Italian speaking world. Plus, free ACIS lesson plans and blog posts!

Language Cultural Resources sheets

Visual Vocabulary

Available in Spanish, French, Italian and German

Whether you are traveling abroad with students or looking to make language come alive in the classroom, our Visual Vocabulary piece is a great way to practice vocab basics. Test your knowledge and see how many items you can name. The worksheet also includes a series of useful phrases.

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Previews of Spanish Visual Vocabulary

Perdido en Madrid Video Lesson Plan

Episodes 1 and 2

Shot on location in Madrid, our two-part video lesson plan was created by Spanish language educators to put vocab into action. Follow Brandon and Christina as they tour through some of the city’s most beautiful monuments and sample some of the best tapas on offer!

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Workbook covers of Spanish video lesson plans

Voyage, Voyage! Video Lesson Plan

Episodes 1 and 2

Created by French language educators and native speakers, the videos and accompanying exercise packets put essential French language skills into practice in a funny, relatable format.

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Workbook covers of French video lesson plans

Spanish Lyrics and Learning

Bring music into the Spanish classroom! Using the lyrics of contemporary Spanish songs, students will practice vocab and learn cultural nuances between Spanish-speaking countries.

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Cover of Spanish music lesson plan

25 Terms You Will Only Hear in Québécois

Download our handout for 25 French words you’ll only hear in Quebec, with English definitions and their closest synonyms in standard French!

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Worksheets of Quebecois words

STEM Based Learning

STEM Classroom Activity – Human Genome Sequencing

This two-part activity is intended for science teachers who wish to introduce their students to the Human Genome Project, both in its significance to scientific discovery and the broader effects on society.

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Human Genome Sequencing STEM lesson plan

STEM Classroom Activity – Invasive Species “Wanted” Poster

This lesson plan gives students insight into the global nature of the invasive species problem and helps them find innovative ways to help solve this ongoing issue.

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Invasive Species STEM lesson plan

STEM Classroom Activity – The Mediterranean Diet

This lesson plan is intended for science teachers who wish to introduce their students to the nutritional value and cultural history of the Mediterranean Diet.

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The Mediterranean Diet STEM lesson plan

Lesson Plan on Global Sustainability: From You to the UN

This lesson plan is for English and Social Studies teachers who want to inform their students about the United Nations, youth activism and creating a sustainable future economically and environmentally.

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Cover of sustainability lesson plan

Becoming a Global Citizen

ELA Lesson Plan: The Danger of a Single Story

Using Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s TED talk “The Danger of a Single Story” and Sherman Alexie’s short story “Superman and Me,” students will craft their own definitions of a stereotype, make connections between the texts and themselves and ultimately use those reflections in an essay.

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Global Citizenship Workshop

What does it mean to be a Global Citizen? This workshop seeks to help students understand the concept of global citizenship and the common experiences and concerns of the global community. Available in English, French and Spanish!

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Global citizen workshop sheets

Bearing Witness: An Educator’s Guide to Studying the Holocaust

This guide is intended as a resource for teachers who wish to engage their students with the difficult topics of Nazi war crimes, genocide and antisemitism before, during, and after travel.

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Cover of ACIS Holocaust studies guide

Enhance Your Curriculum

Whether you teach Spanish or History, Biology or English, ACIS’ educational tours make the world your classroom. With our immersive cultural connections, thoughtful itinerary design and expert tour managers, your students are sure to return home with a greater understanding of your curriculum. And perhaps more importantly, the tours will also inspire a greater enthusiasm for continued discovery.

Tour guide at the Roman Colosseum


Feel history come alive as you expose students to the sights, sounds and places that they learn about all year long.

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Students dancing Flamenco in Spain


Watch your Spanish students fall in love with the language as they take the skills they’ve learned in class and apply them in conversations overseas.

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ACIS group in front of the Louvre


Take your students’ French language skills to the next level and inspire a love for the culture when you travel with them to a French-speaking location.

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Students pose in front of a mural on the Berlin Wall


There’s no better place for your class to practice their German language skills and develop a deeper understanding of the culture than in Germany itself.

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Tour guide pointing to ancient wall in Pompeii, Italy


Revel in the glory of the Roman Empire as you explore ancient ruins and witness how the Latin language lives on in everyday life.

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A girl sitting outside writing in a journal


Explore the places that inspired literary greats and watch as your students develop key critical thinking skills and find inspiration for their own writing.

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Gullfoss geyser in Iceland


Connect science, technology, engineering and math subjects to the real world and inspire a lifetime of scientific discovery.

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Students painting outside in Cezanne Cultural Connection


View the world’s most famous art pieces up close and engage your students’ creativity and cultural understanding through one-of-a-kind workshops.

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