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“At ACIS, we are not just providing trips that last for a week; we are building them to last forever. Our philosophy is based on a passion for travel, delivering exceptional educational experiences, more cultural touchpoints, a service guarantee and our profound commitment to make every single moment count. We want this to be the greatest class you have ever given.”

Peter Jones, ACIS President

ACIS group posing at the Venetian Arsenal

Committed to Excellence

Since 1978, ACIS, the American Council for International Studies, has been a leader in quality educational travel for middle and high school students and their teachers. We believe in the power of travel to open students’ eyes and change their lives—and every detail of our educational tours is carefully crafted to help make it happen. Our standards are high, and our commitment to excellence is relentless.


and more teachers and students have traveled with us since 1978


of 2023 group leaders rated their ACIS tour good to excellent.


days out of the year, we love what we do.

In educational travel, every moment matters

Pushing the experience from “good enough” to exceptional is what we do everyday. Our mission is to empower educators to introduce their students to the world beyond the classroom and inspire the next generation of global citizens. Travel changes lives.

Meet Our Team

We care about the little things because we want to make every moment special.

At ACIS, we’re passionate about making your trip an experience you’ll never forget. Our committed staff works hard to get every detail right and provide the support you need at every step. We love to travel ourselves, and we want you to experience all the adventure, fun and learning every ACIS trip delivers.

Our Team

Why Choose ACIS

No other educational travel company matches ACIS for quality and level of service provided. Your program team is there to build a long-lasting partnership, and our network of suppliers around the world ensures 24/7 responses to any needs on tour. Adding in centrally located hotels, authentic meals, and the best Tour Managers in the industry, you will see The ACIS Difference from the moment you start planning.

“The amount of care, quality, attention to detail, and personal touch they do shows in every part of the trip.”
ACIS Group Leader Scott S.

More Reasons to Choose ACIS

We’ve got you covered, at home and abroad


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