Educational Travel 101

What is Educational Travel?

Adventurous, exploratory, informative and fun are some of the ways we describe our educational tours. Done right, educational tours expand travelers’ world view. Not only do students learn, they learn to love to learn. Through cultural exploration and immersion, students become global citizens. They develop a stronger understanding of history, language and geography while gaining independence, confidence and problem solving skills.

We say it because we believe it: travel changes lives.

Your Educational Tour Team

We are dedicated to ensuring you love travel as much as we do!

Program Consultants

Program consultants are group leaders’ (teachers) pre-departure partner. From tour selection, to group recruitment to easing pre-departure nerves, they are with your child’s teacher every step of the way.

“Jill was absolutely awesome! From the initial planning stages to last-minute changes to our itinerary, she was available and receptive. At every step of the journey, she was tirelessly supportive and encouraging.”Adam R. Group Leader

Close up of Europe on a globe ACIS Staff posing for photo at conference

Traveler Support

Students and parents, your group leader is your first stop for questions. He or she will know the most about your specific group’s tour and your school’s policies on travel. But, for ACIS policies including questions on insurance and payment plans, our traveler support team is eager to help.

“Everyone I talk to is so friendly and helpful!”Harriet P. Parent

Tour Managers

Part guide, part educator, part engineer, part magician—ACIS Tour Managers lead the group while on tour. They know their destinations, but more importantly, they know teachers and students. They keep students engaged, teachers relaxed and the whole group excited to see what will happen next.

“The highlight of our trip was Espin, our tour manager! He is the most AMAZING human being on the planet! He knows everything about everything and is able to communicate with any age group.”Rose B. Participant

What to Expect on Your Educational Trip

Your child should expect fun, adventure, and to return home with stories they’ll be telling family and friends for years. Our tours are designed by true travel pros who want your child to make the most of their time on tour and return home eager to travel again.

Daily Schedule

Each ACIS tour combines just the right mix of planned educational excursions and free time for exploration. The daily schedule will, of course, vary depending on location, type of tour and if it is travel-intensive or a more leisurely, single-city program. Typically, travelers wake up bright and early, and after breakfast, enjoy a morning excursion. This may be a sightseeing tour, cultural connection, entrance to a museum (usually with a reserved entrance so you can avoid the long lines) or walking tour. Then there will be some time for lunch, and it’s on to enjoy another activity. Dinners will be in town, and then your child will further explore to see the city sparkle at night.

Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections, included on every ACIS international tour, take cultural understanding to a whole new level. Through immersive activities such as learning the steps of the flamenco or a French cooking class, students look at the culture and history of a place from a different vantage point. It is the ultimate in experiential learning.


ACIS helps you make the most of your child’s time on tour by only using three- and four-star hotels near the heart of what you came to see. We place a priority on booking hotels in convenient and safe areas, with easy access to both local attractions and public transportation. After all, the goal is to be exploring, not commuting.


Travel rule—never underestimate the importance of food to teenagers! But beyond providing authentic, delicious and satisfying meals, our dinners become a cultural experience because they’re enjoyed in local restaurants. Breakfasts are typically provided at the hotel, and lunch is generally available on your own. The Tour Manager will be sure to point everyone in the right direction for affordable and delicious eats.

Keeping Your Children Safe

You can breathe easy while your child travels with ACIS. Our safety and support infrastructure has been cornerstone of our business for more than 40 years.

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