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Enter your teacher’s info to find your trip!

Enter your teacher’s info to find your trip!

Ready for adventure? Great! Because it’s on the itinerary. You’ll be breathing the air and seeing the sights of places you’ve only ever known through a computer screen. You’ll have incredible stories to tell when you return, but what exactly can you expect from your trip?

Explore with friends. Grow. Have a blast!

On your trip, you’ll take chances, gain confidence and discover how you fit into the world. Your trip will change you in ways you might not expect, as you navigate new cities, order food in a foreign language and experience how people around the world live their daily lives. You’ll also have the time of your life exploring with friends—whether you’re on a gondola in Venice gliding through centuries-old canals or participating in a Shakespearean workshop at the Globe Theatre in London. Travel changes lives. Discover how it will change you!

Girls walking through château d'azay-le-rideau in France

How our tours work

The adventure begins the moment you land at your destination! Our smart, funny Tour Managers will be there to guide your group through incredible sights and activities, like French cooking lessons or visits to Spanish bull ranches. You’ll travel by coach bus and by foot. You’ll eat a mix of native and familiar cuisines. And you’ll be learning, without even realizing, about the culture and people around you. That’s why educational travel makes for such a great experience!

Educational Travel 101
Students participating in global street art project Student photographing Spanish sunflower field

This trip was the best ten days of my whole life! I don’t regret a single minute and it was definitely worth every penny! I have hundreds of memories and new friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Stephanie M. participant

It was the trip of a lifetime. It gave me a chance to experience the world and enjoy it in ways that I never have before. The trip sparked a bigger interest in history and culture for me and most certainly made me want to go back.”

Zachary M. participant

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to explore parts of the world that I would not have been able to otherwise. It was magical!”

Tyra R. participant
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Worry less about the dollar signs

Scholarships and Fundraising

If you want to travel with ACIS, then we want to help make it happen! Learn about our Travel Scholarships and creative ways to raise money for your trip.

Scholarships and Fundraising

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Academic Credit

Get a head start on your future by receiving academic credit for your trip. Simply talk to your high school, or submit a proposal with California State University, Sacramento, where you can get credit for every week traveled with ACIS.

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