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After Your Return

Welcome Home!

Welcome back from your trip. We hope it exceeded your expectations in every way and lived up to ACIS’ exceptional standards.

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We would truly appreciate you completing your tour evaluation. We review each and every evaluation closely and make programming and services changes based on group leaders’ feedback. And the sooner the better, while everything is still nice and fresh in your mind. You can also expect your program consultant to reach out to you soon. They want to hear all about your tour—your favorite parts, your least favorite part, all of it! They will use this information to record your preferences and ensure your next trip is even better. To find your evaluation, select your trip from the Past Trips tab of My Trips and look for the Evaluation tab. Thank you!

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Now that you know first-hand what an ACIS tour is really like, do you know of any friends or colleagues who you think would also make a great group leader? Please help us spread the word. As a thank you, when they travel, you’ll earn World Traveler Reward points or cash.

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Let’s do it Again!

Ready to make travel a tradition at your school? Let’s start planning. Piggyback off this year’s excitement and talk to your program consultant about where you’d like to go next. Remember, the more you travel, the more lives you change. Plus, you move up in our World Traveler Rewards Loyalty Club and earn even more benefits!

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