Custom Tours

Endless Possibilities

More than 75% of our group leaders customize
their tours

Think of our itineraries as a launching pad for your imagination. We’re obsessively flexible, giving you limitless choices-nothing is off-the-shelf and nothing’s etched in stone except our promise to make your adventure amazing.

Whether you’d like to customize your experience a little or a lot, we’d love to help. There are countless ways to connect with the people, places and things you are visiting.

Types of Trip Activities

ACIS offers hundreds of activities, excursions, adventures and opportunities that are the building blocks of our tours.

Cultural Connections

Cultural Connections are immersive, hands-on experiences that offer a true window into the people and culture of the destinations you visit. With ACIS you can:

  • Visit a school in Tokyo
  • Dance the flamenco in Andalucía
  • Create your own fresco painting in Florence
  • Meet a local tribe in Peru, or
  • Become a chef for a day in a Parisian cooking lesson
Students follow along on their flamenco cultural connection in Spain

Full- or Half-Day Excursions

Enhance your tour with day trips that tie into your curriculum or your group’s specific interests. Imagine:

  • Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from southern Spain to get a taste of Tangier, Morocco
  • Leaving bustling Rome to experience Pompeii, frozen in time since 79 A.D., or
  • Trading London for quaint Bath and the mysterious, prehistoric monuments of Stonehenge
A camel in Egypt

Service Learning

During service learning projects you will actively contribute to the societies you’re visiting in a meaningful way. Sample projects include:

  • Helping with sea turtle hatcheries in Costa Rica
  • Promoting land restoration in Ecuador, or
  • Working side-by-side with local community members in the Dominican Republic
Hands covered in paint from service project


Add an extra day at the beginning or end of almost any of our tours. Just think – more time to explore in Vienna or Nice or Athens or wherever. The choice is yours! Extensions can be as jam-packed or leisurely as you’d like. Have tour managers, activities and meals built in, or set aside a day for you and your group to explore more on your own.

Vienna Palace