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Science, technology, engineering and math are subjects that affect the world all around us, but teaching them is too often restricted to the classroom and lab. Our STEM programs change that and provide thoughtful, hands-on ways for teachers and their students to connect these topics to the real world. From geothermal energy in Iceland to robotics in Japan, ACIS’ STEM travel programs can prompt a lifetime of scientific discovery.

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Students carrying saplings for Costa Rica service project

Environmental Conservation

Partake in a reforestation service project with a focus on community development and ecological issues in either Costa Rica or Ecuador or collect data as part of coral reef restoration efforts in the Dominican Republic.

ACIS STEM group at a Reykjavik power plant

Renewable Energy

Explore alternative energy sources with a tour of a hydroelectric power station in Switzerland or a geothermal power station in Iceland.

ACIS students with a Galapagos tortoise

Marine Biology

Monitor turtles in the Galápagos, whale-watch in the Azores or snorkel with fish in the Canary Islands.

Students inside a car at the Munich BMW factory

Automotive Engineering

Tour BMW World in Munich or Toyota Mega Web Park in Tokyo for a glimpse into engineering and the latest technological advancements.

ACIS group in front of an Azores crater lake

Geothermal Activity

Volcanic activity is common in the Azores and Iceland, taking the form of crater lakes, hot springs, geysers and much more.

Transparent skull anatomy model in facility

Research & Healthcare

Visit the Centre of the Cell in London to watch biomedical researchers at work and participate in a workshop on careers in science and health.

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My students learned so much about clean energy and climate change. Many of them stated that their perspective on the environment completely changed due to this trip.”

Katia B. Group Leader

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Free resources to inspire your next lesson plan

STEM Classroom Activity – Human Genome Sequencing

This two-part activity is intended for science teachers who wish to introduce their students to the Human Genome Project, both in its significance to scientific discovery and the broader effects on society.

STEM Classroom Activity – Invasive Species “Wanted” Poster

This lesson plan gives students insight into the global nature of the invasive species problem and helps them find innovative ways to help solve this ongoing issue.

STEM Classroom Activity – The Mediterranean Diet

This two-part lesson plan incorporates science with international cuisine, allowing students to learn about the diet’s ancient origins and its positive impacts on human health.

2023 STEM Calendar Cover

2023 STEM Calendar

We’ve created a resource just for science teachers who want to expose their students to a wide range of STEM-related topics, from geology to solar technology, mathematics to ecology, and explore them through an international lens.

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frog from the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica

5 of the Most Biodiverse Countries in the World

Consider centering a lesson plan around the rare “megadiverse” countries, which must house at least 5,000 species of endemic plants and include a marine ecosystem on its borders to be considered as such.

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Costa Rican Rainforests
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Ancient Greek Column Orders

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ACIS tours are independently deemed so educational that teachers can earn professional development units and students can earn college credit!