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Will you choose to dive deep into the culture of one city or do you want to compare and contrast the cultures of many? There are as many ways to enjoys and learn on student trips to Europe as there are places to visit. The art, architecture, history, cultures, people, language and don’t forget the food, will delight you in ways that only travel can.

My trip to Europe with ACIS was the BEST TRIP that I have ever taken. Our guide handled everything. I learned more from her than I have since I graduated from college over twenty years ago. From the bull fighting ranch to the museums, it was all excellent.”

Melissa S. Group Leader


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Free resources to plan and inspire your next student trip to Europe

Exceptional Educational Journeys Brochure

ACIS Brochure

Download our educational travel brochure to lean more about ACIS’ approach to delivering exceptional educational tours. Our teachers love the hotels, cultural connections and food, but what they say really sets us apart is the level of care. With ACIS it feels like a true partnership.

Preview spread of the eBook

How to Plan an Educational Tour

Get a 101 guide on how to plan an educational tour with ACIS. From tour selection, to recruiting a group all the way through preparing for departure, you’ll learn each step of the process and the tools and resources ACIS provides to make it easy.

Guide to School Support Preview

Guide to School Support and ACIS Travel

As you start to consider an ACIS educational tour for your school, you’ll need to determine which level of school support makes the most sense for your group: School Sponsored, School Supported or Independent. Our guide helps you find the level that’s right for you.

preview of January in Spanish Calendar

2024 Spanish Language Calendar

We’ve put together a 12-month calendar comprised of inspiring photos and significant dates from across the Spanish-Speaking world.

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Cover of ACIS Spanish cultural resource

Cultural Resources for the Spanish Classroom

A comprehensive guide of free, online resources, from curated university libraries to embassy sites, that explore the history and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Plus, free ACIS lesson plans and blog posts.

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Workbook covers of Spanish video lesson plans

Perdido en Madrid

This two-part video lesson plan is for high school level Spanish classrooms. Each video comes with an exercise packet, carefully crafted by Spanish teachers and native speakers, that puts essential Spanish language skills into practice in a funny, relatable format.

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Previews of Spanish Visual Vocabulary

Spanish Visual Vocabulary

Whether you are traveling abroad with students or looking to make language come alive in the classroom, our Visual Vocabulary piece is a great way to practice vocab basics. Test your knowledge and see how many items you can name. The worksheet also includes a series of useful phrases.

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Did You Know?

ACIS tours are independently deemed so educational that teachers can earn professional development units and students can earn college credit!