Traveling with your History Class

Feel history come alive through travel as you expose students to the sights, sounds and places that they learn about all year long. The impact of standing in the place where the French Revolution took root, explorers set off to discover new lands or Julius Caesar met his end is immeasurable. By better understanding their past, students come home more engaged and ready to take on shaping their future, and ours.

Inspire your history students

Students on Omaha Beach

D-Day Beaches

Feel inspired and humbled as you explore the sites where so many made heroic sacrifices to turn the tide in World War II.

Students pose on the Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Standing on the wall lends students perspective on how the fortifications built during the Ming dynasty influence China’s outlook on the world centuries later.

Walking through the Acropolis

Parthenon and the Acropolis

Walk in the footsteps of the greats who brought the world democracy, philosophic thought and drama.

ACIS Group of students with tour guide at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

The accomplishments of the Incan empire come into full focus as you stand mouth agape at this wonder of the world.

Students walk along the Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

The Cold War feels very real when you touch remnants of the wall that divided a city (and the world) between two opposing ideologies.

Florence Cathedral

Florence Cathedral

Experiencing the architecture and art of the Renaissance in its birthplace facilitates critical thinking about the changing world conditions that led to this period of learning and innovation.

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“It would be impossible for anyone who was truly interested in the areas toured not to identify something they would like to continue to explore on their own. Participants indicated a greater understanding of historical events and culture throughout the trip.”

Daniel A. Teacher

History teacher trips to consider

European War History

10 Days | Overnights: Caen (2), Paris (1), Ardennes Area (2), Nuremburg (1), Berlin (2)

Tour Summary

Feel the impact of two World Wars on Europe as you travel with your students from France to Germany. Visit battlefield sites, memorials, museums and more to better grasp the realities of the World Wars, and unwind with a crêpe dinner and a trip up the Eiffel Tower!

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ACIS students visiting the American Cemetery in Normandy Map of European War History itinerary

Archdukes and Emperors

10 Days | Overnights: Salzburg (1), Vienna (2), Budapest (1), Prague (2), Munich (2)

Tour Summary

History teachers, here’s a journey tailored for your passion. Immerse yourself in a 10-day exploration across Central Europe, tracing the footsteps of composers, emperors, and the generations of residents who made each city flourish. From Salzburg’s musical heart to Vienna’s Imperial grandeur, Budapest’s diverse sub-cultures, Prague’s architectural marvels and Munich’s Bavarian charm, this trip seamlessly bridges the pages of history books with real-world exploration. Dive in and let the past come alive!

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Students in Prague's Old Town Market Square Archdukes and Emperors map

Cradle of Civilization

9 Days | Overnights: Athens (3), Overnight Ferry (1), Sorrento (1), Rome (2)

Tour Summary

Traverse the ancient world on this nine-day journey from Athens to Rome. Visiting the Acropolis, strolling the streets of Pompeii, and touring the Colosseum are just a few ways your students will absorb all the Greek and Roman history around them.

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Students walking on ancient crosswalk in Pompeii Map of Cradle of Civilization itinerary

The Inca Trail

9 Days | Overnights: Lima (2), Sacred Valley (1), Aguas Calientes (1), Cuzco (1), Puno (2)

Tour Summary

Walk in the footsteps of Peru’s oldest inhabitants on this nine-day excursion. Take in breathtaking Machu Picchu in the Inca capital of Cuzco and engage in a cultural exchange with the Uros people of Lake Titicaca to fully immerse yourself in the country’s ancient culture.

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Group in Peru pointing towards the distance Map of The Inca Trail itinerary

Insider's Italy

9 Days | Overnights: Venice (2), Florence (2), Rome (3)

Tour Summary

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Italy’s unparalleled historical tapestry, perfect for history teachers and their students. Juxtapose the Venetian Republic’s maritime legacy with the marvels of Ancient Rome, becoming immersed along the way in iconic Renaissance art and architecture, Etruscan mysteries, and the Vatican’s intertwining story of art and religion. This curated expedition not only reveres the past but celebrates the living history at every corner. Dive in; Italy awaits.

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Students at the Vatican in Rome Insider's Italy map

Paris, Switzerland and Munich

10 Days | Overnights: Paris (3), Engelberg (2), Munich (3)

Tour Summary

History teachers, prepare for an enriching European odyssey! The incomparable art, architecture, culture and complex histories of Paris are followed by the regal halls and gardens of Versailles. Then traverse the stunning Swiss Alps, dive into Bavarian lore, explore 20th century world events at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial and conclude with Salzburg’s melodious charm and namesake salt mine. Each day promises a lesson in history, culture, and unparalleled beauty.

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Students posing at Marienplatz in Munich Paris, Switzerland and Munich map

Three Capitals

9 Days | Overnights: London (2), Paris (2), Florence (1), Rome (2)

Tour Summary

Teachers love this tour for the historical breadth it covers in just 9 days time, plus its peek into the modern interconnectedness of European nations. Starting in London’s historical heart, transitioning to Paris’s cultural crux, and culminating in Italy’s artistic and ancient allure, this itinerary is designed to enrich, inspire, and provide tangible touchpoints to the pages of textbooks. Let the past of these iconic European capitals come alive, and history’s narratives be narrated first-hand.

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Students walking through Luxembourg Gardens in Paris Three Capitals map

Highlights of Japan

9 Days | Overnights: Tokyo (2), Mt. Fuji Area (1), Nagoya (1), Kyoto (1), Osaka (2)

Tour Summary

Embark on a captivating historical journey across Japan’s illustrious landmarks. From Tokyo, where the Meiji Restoration reshaped Japan’s identity, to the timeless elegance of Kyoto’s temples, this trip offers a profound exploration of Japan’s transformative epochs. Whether delving into natural wonders around Mt. Fuji, ancient traditions, conflict history, or modern innovations, discover the diverse narratives that have sculpted this nation.

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A group with Mt. Fuji in the background in Nagoya, Japan Highlights of Japan map

Free resources to inspire your next lesson plan

Covers of Monarchs who shaped history lesson plans

Monarchs Who Shaped History

These lesson plans are for teachers who wish to make their language instruction and cultural lessons about the target language come alive by delving into history via the life and times of some of the most influential monarchs.

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AP Classroom Content and Educational Travel

Together, with AP educator and ACIS Group Leader Scott Martin, we have put together an overview of the ways educational travel brings AP classroom curriculum to life.

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preview of January in History Calendar

2024 Historical Moments Calendar

Each month of our new calendar features a major historic milestone, chosen from a wide variety of eras and places across the globe, and explores its importance on the world stage.

Bearing Witness: An Educator’s Guide to Studying the Holocaust

This guide is intended as a resource for teachers who wish to engage their students with the difficult topics of Nazi war crimes, genocide and antisemitism before, during, and after travel.

Cover of the Roman Forum Virtual Tourism Booklet

Online Tour of The Roman Forum

This online virtual tour of the Roman Forum provides a lesson in ancient Roman history, an opportunity for Latin students to use the target language and to learn about the role of the forum in Roman history.

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