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How exciting! You’re ready to plan an educational trip with your students.

ACIS is here to help! Together, we can find or create the perfect itinerary for your group.

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ACIS has more than 200 customizable itineraries. Our expert Tour Consultants can help you narrow things down and choose the right program for your group!

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Choosing Your Trip

Questions to consider when choosing a trip

Choosing a trip is a big decision, and ACIS Program Consultants are here to help!

Understanding Group Travel

What makes group travel different from a family vacation? Read on…

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ACIS offers 200+ customizable itineraries to destinations around the world. Search by destination and/or tour type.

School Board Approval

Guide to School Support

Understand the differences between leading school sponsored vs. school supported vs. independent trips so you can choose your path.

Is School Board Approval right for you?

Learn and compare the advantages of traveling with and without school board approval to decide what is best for you.

School Board Approval Guide

Everything you need—tips, sample text and a printable informational packet—for gaining the school board’s approval, all nicely assembled into one handy guide.

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