A Spanish Video Lesson Plan

Perdido en Madrid

Now playing in a classroom near you, Perdido en Madrid is a two-part Spanish video lesson plan for high school level Spanish classrooms!

Workbook covers of Spanish video lesson plans

In Episode 1, American college student Brandon arrives in Madrid and befriends local Cristina, who shows him some of the city’s most important historic sites.

Episode 2 is a look at the Madrid of today, its bustling and trendy neighborhoods melding with the traditions that have made the city unique, such as tapas.

What’s Inside?

Each video comes with an exercise packet, carefully crafted by Spanish teachers and native speakers, that puts essential Spanish language skills into practice in a funny, relatable format. Topics of review include:

  • Tener + que + infinitive
  • Present and preterite tense verbs
  • Common expressions
  • Food and flavors
  • Using gustar


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And for a sneak preview, watch the Episode 1 teaser trailer below:

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