Traveling with your German Class

There’s no better place for your class to practice their German language skills than in Germany itself. Explore both the historic and modern facets of Germany with your students, generating within them curiosity, introspection and a lifetime of global citizenship.

Inspire your students

ACIS group riding bikes in Germany

Explore by Bike

Pedal through Munich or Berlin on a guided tour that highlights history, architecture and hidden gems in the city.

Students holding their finished artwork

Create Street Art of your Own

After a walking tour of the street art scene in one of Europe’s most hip, young, creative capitals, a local urban art expert will teach you the techniques to create your own modern artistic masterpiece.

Group enjoying dinner

Enjoy a Local Home Dinner

Experience German hospitality, authentic cooking, and great conversation with your generous German-speaking hosts.

Embrace a Germanophone Experience

Juxtapose the customs and language in Germany alongside German-speaking cities and communities in other nearby countries, with the chance to compare and contrast the different cultural touchpoints of each.

Students pose in front of Neuschwanstein Castle

Explore Neuschwanstein Castle

King Ludwig’s fairy tale castle is an architectural masterpiece – and rich with history.

Students walk through the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Remember the Holocaust

Feel the weight of history and grasp the scope of one of the world’s deadliest genocides as you walk through the Holocaust Memorial, Nuremberg Documentation Center and concentration camps of WWII.

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Just being in Germany allows the kids to explore, experience and interact. I appreciated that our tour manager was open to just stopping at a rest stop or grocery as these are amazing, authentic and new experiences for all the kids. One could over-do the lecturing of cultural items, but our tour manager was wise enough to let German culture get absorbed naturally by our kids.”

Eric B. Group Leader

Trips to Consider:

Munich, Hamburg and Berlin

9 Days | Overnights: Munich (2), Harz Mountains (2), Hamburg (1), Berlin (2)

Tour Summary

See remnants of the Berlin Wall, learn about German folklore, explore a German-Romanesque castle, visit BMW World, and take a moment of silence at the Holocaust Memorial all on this 9-day, multi-city tour.

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Students tour the inside of Nymphenburg Palace Map of Munich, Hamburg and Berlin itinerary

Highlights of Germany

9 Days | Overnights: Heidelberg (1), Rothenburg (1), Munich (2), Dresden (1), Berlin (2)

Tour Summary

Hit all of Germany’s most notable stops as you travel the country’s perimeter on this 9-day tour. Move from ancient to modern Germany as you marvel at the ancient architecture of Heidelberg, learn more about Nazi-occupied Germany in Munich and Dresden, and create contemporary street art in Berlin.

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Students admire the architecture of Dresden Map of Highlights of Germany itinerary

Insider’s Austria and Germany

9 Days | Overnights: Rothenburg (1), Munich (2), Salzburg (2), Vienna (2)

Tour Summary

For our most inclusive tour of Germany and Austria, embark on this 9-day trip. Soak in WWII history, venture around Munich by bike as the locals do, and taste traditional German pretzels and sausage before hopping over to neighboring German-speaking Austria for a comparative look at their history and culture.

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ACIS group mimic the statues in Salzburg Gardens Map of Insider's Austria and Germany itinerary

Prussia, Bohemia, and Bavaria

9 Days | Overnights: Berlin (2), Prague (2), Munich (3)

Tour Summary

Explore three magnificent Central European cities on this 9-day tour chock-full of historical and cultural lessons. You’ll also get to see the breathtaking Neuschwanstein Castle and experience a celebratory traditional German dinner at the Ratskeller in Munich.

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Students and Neuschwanstein castle in the distance Map of Prussia, Bohemia and Bavaria itinerary

Hidden Gems of Germany

9 Days | Overnights: Munich (2), Füssen (2), Oberammergau (1), Munich (2)

Tour Summary

A blend of cultural, educational, and scenic experiences make this 9-day journey perfect for gaining a deeper understanding of the language, customs, and history of Germany and its beautiful Bavarian region. Explore Munich’s vibrant local life by bike, contemplate history at Dachau, find yourself in a Bavarian Alpine fairytale with visits to Füssen, Neuschwanstein Castle, and Oberammergau, make cultural comparisons just across the Austrian boarder in Salzburg, and more. With opportunities for loads of learning and stunning landscapes, this itinerary offers an enriching Bavarian experience.

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An ACIS group at the Old Town Hall in Munich.

Free resources to inspire your next lesson plan

preview of January in German Calendar

2024 German Language Calendar

We’ve put together a 12-month calendar comprised of inspiring photos and significant dates from across the German-Speaking world.

Cultural Resources for the German Classroom

A comprehensive guide of free, online resources, from curated university libraries to embassy sites, that explore the history and culture of the German-speaking world. Plus, free ACIS lesson plans and blog posts.

Monarchs Who Shaped History – King Ludwig II of Bavaria

The six lesson plans included in this resource parallel the six course themes that make up the AP German Language and Culture exam: beauty and aesthetics, cultural life, families and communities, global challenges, personal and public identities, and science and technology.

Virtual Tourism – Online Tour of Neuschwanstein Castle

Engage your students in German culture and communication through six different German lesson plans, based on New Bloom’s Taxonomy for World Language Instruction, with the backdrop of stunning Neuschwanstein Castle.

Bearing Witness: An Educator’s Guide to Studying the Holocaust

This guide is intended as a resource for teachers who wish to engage their students with the difficult topics of Nazi war crimes, genocide and antisemitism before, during, and after travel.

Previews of Spanish Visual Vocabulary

German Visual Vocabulary

Whether you are traveling abroad with students or looking to make language come alive in the classroom, our Visual Vocabulary piece is a great way to practice vocab basics. Test your knowledge and see how many items you can name. The worksheet also includes a series of useful phrases.

Online events your German students will love

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Berlin Street Markets
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Skylarks and Pastry

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