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Author: Una Dimitrijevic posts

Author: Una Dimitrijevic posts

Pearls of the Mediterranean

There are over 3,000 Greek islands sprinkled through the Mediterranean, so don’t expect to visit them all at once! Most of them are uninhabited in...
January 23, 2020 Una Dimitrijevic

Secrets of the Parthenon

Sitting atop a sacred citadel, the Parthenon in Athens is a symbol of both classical art and political power. Its perfect forms have been imitated...
January 2, 2020 Una Dimitrijevic

6 Great Escapes From the Berlin Wall

This Saturday, November 9th, marks 30 years since the fall of the infamous Berlin Wall, a structure which only stood for 28 years but left...
November 7, 2019 Una Dimitrijevic

3 Markets To Visit In Europe

In many European cities, the marketplace is the belly and nerve center of the town. It’s where farmers and producers from the surrounding regions gather...
September 5, 2019 Una Dimitrijevic

Exploring London Through Cinema

The capital city of Great Britain has been used as a filming location for many legendary movies over the years. Some of its major sights...
July 24, 2018 Una Dimitrijevic

New Recipe: Tarte Tatin

Add a little international flair to your 4th of July Celebrations with this delicious take on apple pie! You may think of apple pie as...
June 28, 2019 Una Dimitrijevic
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