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Author: Una Dimitrijevic posts

Author: Una Dimitrijevic posts

On Sketching

Traveling in a new place can be an overwhelming experience. I was reminded of this fact on a recent holiday in Andalusia. When you see...
May 25, 2017 Una Dimitrijevic

Slow-Cooker Poulet Basquaise [Recipe]

I have never seen a slow-cooker sold in France, which is why I hold on to mine like a little treasure. It seems like such...
May 3, 2017 Una Dimitrijevic

Paris for Art Lovers

If you’re a real lover of art, whether you’ve been to Paris before or not, it can be hard to know just how to see...
May 2, 2017 Una Dimitrijevic

The Ghosts of Venice Past

It’s not only during Carnival season that the magic of Venice’s past comes alive before our eyes. For those who know how to listen, stories...
March 21, 2017 Una Dimitrijevic

Discovering Andalusia

Although Tour Managers are usually the experts, sometimes we too travel into unfamiliar territory and get to feel the delight of discovering a place for...
March 9, 2017 Una Dimitrijevic
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