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Planning Student Tours | Gain School Board Approval

August 19, 2015 Allison Read 3 Comments
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You understand the immense value of educational student tours and gaining global experience—that’s why you’re planning a trip. Whether or not your district requires formal approval, it may be wise to let the school board, principal and department know of your tour plans in advance. Ensuring that the school board and administrators understand the value of educational travel eases the way for you to successfully organize the trip and recruit your student travelers.

Every district operates in a slightly different way and has differing guidelines concerning student tours. We recommend tailoring our suggestions to suit your particular needs. Keep in mind that a great tool in convincing your school board of the value of travel is already having the support of potential passengers and their parents.

Steps to Take:

  • Start planning as early as possible. We recommend 18 to 9 months before departure.
  • Enlist support for your plans from students, parents, other teachers and, ideally, one or more senior administrators.
  • Draft a letter to the school board committee members outlining your plans. Use the ACIS sample letter as guidance.
  • Arrange to meet with the school board committee members to discuss your plans in person.
  • At the school board meeting, be confident and well-researched. Answer any questions they have and invite them to join the tour. Provide copies of information from the School Board Approval Guide (click the below link to download) that they might want to review on their own time, such as the student behavior guidelines, protection plan information, references or teacher testimonials.
  • Post meeting, contact your ACIS Tour Consultant to confirm or clarify any unanswered questions. If applicable, follow-up to the school board members immediately.

Make your Case:

Highlight these points to help the school board committee members realize the importance and value of encouraging student tours at your school.

Mission Statement

  • Present a mission statement that summarizes the aims and objectives of your trip and demonstrates its relevance to your curriculum and educational advancement.

Educational Value

  • Show how student tours complement your curriculum and point out specific educational highlights from your itinerary. Promote ACIS’ commitment to education through Learning Objectives, Cultural Connections, Learning Pack and intensive tour manager training.
  • Explain the advantages students gain through travel in terms of personal growth and independence, college applications and career opportunities.

ACIS’ Reputation for Excellence

  • Introduce ACIS Educational Tours and demonstrate that you’ve done your homework. You know that you’ve selected the tour company that will take the best care of your students throughout the planning and travel experience. And you don’t have to take our word for it—speak with a teacher or administrator reference for first-hand feedback.

Commitment to Safety and Security

  • Acknowledge that safety and security are of utmost importance. You and your students will be under the protective wing of a full-time ACIS Tour Manager from overseas arrival to departure. In the unlikely event that an emergency occurs, you’ll be in good hands with ACIS’ 24-hour, 365-day emergency assistance including locally based staff who can be on the scene as quickly as you need them.
  • Assure the board that the students’ investment in their education is a sound one. As part of AIFS family, and with numerous professional affiliations, ACIS is one of the most finically secure companies in educational travel. Plus, all travelers automatically receive protection plan coverage with their registration.

Enthusiasm is Infectious

  • Be descriptive when you summarize the itinerary. The excitement you, the students, and their parents already feel is sure to rub off on the school board members. The iconic sights, immersive activities that connect you to the local cultures, traditional foods to be savored—it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that can’t be missed!

For more helpful information on gaining school board approval, visit our Group Leader Academy where you can find our school board approval guide.


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Allison Read

3 thoughts on “Planning Student Tours | Gain School Board Approval

  1. Can I have your tour Schedule, The dare to where, How many days Total How much Charge?
    Dr. Chung Chen (Prof. of Math of GSU)

  2. Hello Dr. Chen,
    We’d love to learn more about your global interests and goals! Please contact me directly, as your International Program Consultant, at
    Thank you!
    Tricia Holda

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