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Educational Travel Services: Why Hotel Location is Everything

July 11, 2016 Marc Amigone No Comments

As we mentioned in our previous post about 5 Things to Consider When Evaluating Educational Travel Service Providers, staying in a hotel that’s centrally located in the heart of town has a cascading effect throughout the rest of your tour. Having a home base that’s close by all the sights and attractions you came all the way overseas to experience allows you to maximize your time on tour and not waste a single second trekking back and forth to the suburbs.

There are three main areas where having a centrally located hotel makes all the difference:

Spending Time Commuting

At ACIS Educational Tours, we believe that if you’re going to invest your time and money organizing and planning a tour, every moment matters. We aim to remove any wasted time from the itinerary whether that means optimizing the itinerary for smooth transitions from one activity to another or simply situating the group in the middle of the action. The last thing we want is for our groups to spend over an hour each day commuting in and out of the city (which is exactly the experience other tour companies provide). We want our groups to be able to wake up at their hotel, walk outside, and be right in the middle of everything, not a 30-45 minute drive away.

Night-time Activities

When your hotel is in the city it opens up a world of options for your group when the sun goes down. If your hotel is out in the suburbs or near the airport, your options are limited to watching TV in your hotel room or playing cards in the lobby. We’d rather you have the chance to go out for gelato, see a street performance, go to a museum, or simply take in the sights the city has to offer at night. Missing out on evenings in the city adds up to a big chunk of your tour for which you’re not getting your money’s worth.

Dinners in the City

Some travel providers book their tours in high volume which on one hand brings the price down, but on the other can stipulate all of their groups have to leave the city at dinner time to eat at their hotel in the suburbs. Why come all the way to a foreign country just to eat generic hotel food you could get back home? At ACIS, we book our groups into restaurants in the city or offer vouchers to let groups choose their own meal destinations. When you’re not stuck in the suburbs as soon as the evening rolls around, you’re free to have the authentic culinary experience you came all that way to have.

When choosing an educational travel provider, make sure to find out where exactly you’ll be staying each stop along the way. It might not seem like a big factor, but it can make all the difference in the long-run.

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