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A Student Trip for Every Teacher, Every Vision

September 1, 2015 Allison Read No Comments
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When it comes to choosing an educational travel program, your wants and needs are unique, so your trip should be too. At ACIS Educational Tours we make it easy for you to find, choose and personalize the right program for your group and budget.

ACIS Student Travelers Jump For Joy!

Traditional Educational Tours

ACIS offers 100+ carefully crafted itineraries to destinations spanning the globe.  Some of these are the longstanding core favorites that ACIS has grown on. Others have been more recently developed or improved based on requests, feedback and our relentless research into how to provide teachers and students with the best possible overseas experience.

Wherever you want to go, traditional tours can be focused on just one or two cities, or can be more travel-heavy to reach many destinations. You may want an itinerary where days are packed with pre-scheduled activities or one with a calmer pace, designed to provide more time for self-guided exploration. Perhaps you want a tour themed to your curriculum content or one that features a specific cultural experience that’s been recommended to you. We even have itineraries that are perfect for a smaller group who still wants the flexibility of a private tour.

All ACIS educational programs are enriched with Cultural Connections. These immersive, hands-on activities allow participants to learn by doing, hearing and creating, with each type of learning style engaged. The range of topics is broad—from the arts, to sports and leisure, food, International Perspectives visits to global industry leaders and more—with each experiential learning opportunity helping students to explore the culture and history of a place from a different vantage point.

Talk to your International Program Consultant—he or she can provide expert guidance on finding a trip that strikes the right balance for your group.


If you who want the freedom to build a trip itinerary from scratch, or incorporate something not readily found on an existing trip, we will help you craft a one-of-a-kind custom itinerary. For inspiration, there are over 200 more sample itineraries available in our online Trip Library. Tell your International Program Consultant what you want to include on your custom itinerary and he or she will provide expert guidance in building just the right trip for your group.

Exchange Programs

Combining your school exchange with our travel expertise leads to an outstanding educational touring experience. With ACIS Exchange Plus, all you need to do is find (or perhaps you have already found) a school willing to participate in an exchange program and recruit your participants—we take care of the rest. We ease teachers’ workloads, provide top-notch educational excursions, handle all the travel logistics while on tour and provide teachers peace of mind with our financial security and liability coverage. This leaves teachers the time and energy to focus on their students’ needs and maximizing the cultural exchange experience.

Service Learning

All ACIS tours connect participants with the societies they visit. ACIS Service Learning tours push this ideology one step further, and provide participants the opportunity to actively contribute to the local community in a significant way. The goal of each project is to educate and engage participants while at the same time help a community that needs it. ACIS offers service projects in China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru.

We’ve found that teachers who are interested in leading service learning tours generally want to customize their program to best suit their group. We make that easy, simply: choose a destination, find the service project that speaks to you, browse sample itineraries featuring that project and work with your international program consultant to build the tour that’s best for you!

ACIS Service Learning in Costa Rica

Personalize Your Vision

Settled on the type of travel that’s right for you? We want to be sure your final itinerary is personalized to fit the specific wishes of your group. More than 75% of our group leaders modify their tours a little or a lot—from adding a single activity or excursion, to taking an extra day to further explore a region, or building a tour from scratch. Whatever it takes to make a perfect fit for your group, we’d love to help.

And no matter which type of travel you choose, you can always expect these hallmarks of the ACIS travel experience: immersive and engaging cultural connections, accommodations located by the heart of what you came to see, authentic meals and our signature service and support.


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