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New ACIS Destination Video: School Trip to Italy

November 21, 2018 Abagail Ford-Stille No Comments
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International Program Coordinator Abby traveled on a school trip to Italy in high school. It inspired a passion for the country that continues to this day. She shares her experiences in honor of the release of the newest ACIS destination video, all about Italia!

To me, the excitement of traveling is unparalleled. Sometimes when I travel to an exciting new place I can’t help but think, will it live up to all my expectations? There are a few places in the world that I can say without a doubt people will love – and one of them is Italy. With each region in Italy having its own traditions, culture, and, of course, food specialties, there is something for every traveler.


I first traveled to Italy on an educational tour in high school. We started in Venice and moved down the peninsula with many stops along the way. Upon arrival in Italy, I immediately fall in love with Venice. I was told the best way to explore the city was to get lost, and so I did- very, very lost. The vibrant glass work I saw around every street corner and the beautiful handmade masks made me feel immediately at home. Although finding our way back to Piazza San Marco was a bit of a challenge, I would never want to change this experience. As I continued to move down the coast I fell in love with city after city, pasta after pasta, and all of the people I met along the way.


My educational tour later inspired me to choose a college study abroad program based in Rome. Boarding my 14 hour flight to Rome from San Francisco, I wondered if Italy was going to be as wonderful as I remembered it. It was all I remembered and more. Rome’s captivating historical significance can of course be seen at the Colosseum and Forum, but can also be found around the corner of each cobblestone street. The phrase “all roads lead to Rome” really has truth to it and I found myself absolutely mesmerized by the wonders of this city.

So whether you are looking to do olive oil and prosciutto tasting in San Gimignano, go for a dip in Capri’s Blue Lagoon, or experience the joys of pasta and wine making in Spoleto, a school trip to Italy has something for everyone.

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Abagail Ford-Stille

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