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Happy 60th Anniversary AIFS!

April 16, 2024 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

We’re proud to be a subdivision of the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). Founded in 1964 by Sir Cyril Taylor as part of the broader movement to encourage global education and diplomacy, AIFS has been changing lives through travel for six decades! The ACIS Team recently joined our colleagues at a 60th anniversary celebration of AIFS in New York City, with the groovy costume theme of the 1960s.

Here are some more fun anniversary milestones to celebrate 60 years!


Serves 1.8 million travelers per year

The inaugural class of AIFS students who traveled in 1965 totaled 1,500 participants. Now, AIFS sends 43,000 students overseas in its programs, including ACIS, every year!

Awards $2,000,000 in annual scholarships

In 1967 with the assistance of the Senator Robert F. Kennedy, AIFS created the AIFS Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity and a U.S. Department of State designated sponsor of the J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa, now the BridgeUSA Program. Through this foundation and AIFS programs, over $2 million dollars is awarded to students looking to expand their horizons through travel each year.

Partners with 546 colleges and universities

AIFS works with hundreds of educational institutions to provide accredited study abroad and global impact experiences for students. And did you know about one of the long-term benefits of traveling on an ACIS tour? ACIS alumni can save up to $1,000 on a study abroad experience when they travel with a future AIFS program!

Employs 700 full time staff around the world

Just like ACIS, the AIFS team operates on a global scale. At any given moment, there are staff on the clock around the world supporting students and educators. We love to give our travelers the reassurance that they are traveling both with the trusted brand of ACIS and the backing of an established organization with plenty of resources. With more than $190 million in annual revenue and worldwide assets exceeding $180 million, AIFS is also one of the most financially secure companies in educational travel.

So cheers to AIFS and 60 years of educational growth! Let’s continue to change lives through travel.

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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