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Tag: ACIS Italy posts

Tag: ACIS Italy posts

7 Fun Facts About Florence

Florence is over 2,000 years old, meaning that there is so much history packed into the streets, the city is essentially a walkable museum. Before...
July 2, 2024 Sofia Collina

8 Helpful Travel Tips for Italy

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, with a reported 75 million people visiting in 2022 alone! The culture, food, history, and...
June 3, 2024 Sarah Bichsel

Download the New ACIS Quick Menu Guide

If you're traveling to Italy, you're in for some absolutely delicious cuisine. Don't let a bit of vocabulary keep you stumped on an empty stomach:...
June 28, 2018 Sarah Bichsel

An Ideal Walking Tour of Rome Part 3

In the third and final post on walking through Rome, ACIS travel supervisor and local Roman guide Carlotta Boldrini picks up where Part 2 left off...
June 26, 2018 Guest Blogger

An Ideal Walking Tour of Rome: Part 2

In our new three part series, Roman local tour guide Carlotta Boldrini shares her expertise on touring Rome – by foot! Carlotta is a former ACIS...
June 19, 2018 Guest Blogger

Student Traveler Spotlight: Alex Lumley

Each month we spotlight an ACIS traveler who reminds us that travel does indeed change lives. This month, Alex Lumley recalls traveling to France and Italy...
September 4, 2014 Cara Marzilli
Featured Post Teachers in Their Own Words Everyone at ACIS is passionate about educational travel and could give you an overflowing list... Sarah Bichsel