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14 Things Students Love While Traveling Abroad in Paris

September 17, 2021 Guest Blogger No Comments
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Paris is a big city and can be overwhelming to student travelers. Helping your students fall in love with Paris must involve a delicate balance of absorbing the fascinating culture of the city while experiencing it for themselves! Here are a few suggestions to engage your students while visiting Paris. Here is our list of list “Top Things French Students Will Love on their Paris, France School Trip”:

Top Things French Students Love on their Paris, France school trip.

1. Take a bike ride around Paris

Biking in the city is very common for most local users and the city is very bike friendly. A 24 hour pass with Velib is only 5 euros. Velb is Paris’ version of bike share we know well here in the US.

2. Walk up to Montmartre

Montmartre is an iconic location in the city. Take pictures of the panorama of Paris and have your picture drawn at La Place du Tertre.

3. Have a picnic in Les Jardins du Luxembourg

There’s nothing like enjoying some baguette, pâté, a tube of mustard and maybe some saucission at the gardens designed in 1612.

4. Walk down Les Champs Elysées and buy an exquisite pastry at Ladurée

As you stroll down the Champs Elysée make sure to stop inn and try a ‘mille-feuilles’ or a tartelette.

5. Shop along le Boulevard St. Michel and see the Roman Baths

Walking along the shops of Boul’Mich‘, as they say in Paris, you can make your way to see the Roman baths the Musée Cluny.

6. Visit the flea market on Saturday morning at la Porte de Vanves

Exploring the flea market, ‘marché aux puces’, is a great way to get a sense of the local vibe. Here locals gather to find some unique trinkets the 380+ merchants display. Get there early, the good stuff goes stuff.

7. View Notre Dame Cathédrale

Since the fire of April, 2019, it has been closed for tours and visits. They hope to restart soon. In the meantime, have a look at the updates on the repairs and restorations. Students will still get a sense of the size of this impressive structure, a marvel of gothic architecture.

8. Walk along the Ile St. Louis

Buy ice cream at Le Berthillon

9. Visit Le Musée d’Orsay

See the Impressionist paintings on the top floor, and take a picture of the cathedral of Sacré-Coeur through the glass train station clock.

10. Visit Les Catacombes de Paris

The ‘Catacombes’ is another evocative attraction of the city. Public health concerns due to the cemeteries forced the city to consider moving the remains underground.

11. Tour Père Lachaise cemetery

It was one of the first municipal cemetery and one of the first garden cemeteries in Paris. Because it was deemed a little far by the residents it had trouble finding customers in the early days. And the remains of Jean de la Fontaine and Molière are transferred here.Eventually the demand grew and the cemetery became a favored spot for burials.

12. Tour the Paris Opéra Garnier

Envision the Phantom while viewing the spectacular chandelier and Chagall ceiling.

13. Buy a gourmet picnic at Le Bon Marché department store

Have a picnic lunch in the adjacent park.

14. Visit the Eiffel Tour at night

The ultimate icon of the city Have a spontaneous dance party on top when it sparkles on the hour!

Paris offers many opportunities for travel moments and discovery. Exploring the city by subway and on foot is one of the surest ways to get a sense of this surreal metropolis. These are just a few of our “Top Things French Students Will Love on their Paris, France School Trip“.

Written by Nicolette Miller

Nicolette Miller is a French teacher from Ohio and has been traveling to France with her students and ACIS for over 20 years. Nicolette is also an Academic Travel Advisor where she provides support and expertise to other teachers who are planning educational trips abroad. This list is a compilation of her students’ favorite activities and memories of their first trip to Paris with her. Many of them live all over the world today because travel really does change lives.

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