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Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is Nearing Completion

December 18, 2023 Lauren Chiasson 2 Comments
Exterior of the Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s iconic Barcelona masterpiece the Sagrada Familia is finally nearing completion after over 140 years of construction. The four main posts which symbolize the four Evangelists—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—were announced to have been completed in late September of 2023. The remaining two pillars are expected to be completed by 2026—the centennial anniversary of Gaudi’s death.

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The Junta Constructora del Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família released a statement on September 29, which announced the completion of the four Evangelists’ towers. The massive structure features 18 total towers: the six main of which being dedicated to the Evangelists, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus, and the other twelve dedicated to the twelve apostles. The central and tallest tower, which represents Jesus, won’t be completed until 2026 at the earliest.

Construction recently began on the eventual central entrance, the Glory Façade, amidst prolonged unrest within the community. In its original plans, the Glory Façade entrance is 50 feet above street-level and has a massive staircase that leads into a long avenue. In the 1970s, residential housing was built on the street Gaudi envisioned for this pedestrian avenue. The 2026 completion date remains tentative until the Barcelona City Council comes up with a solution.

The Magic of Sagrada Familia

Gaudi’s whimsical architectural designs are touted as preceding his time. Catalan modernist, Gothic, and Art Nouveau styles are reflected in the Sagrada Familia, coming together to create this distinct marvel in architecture. Straight lines and sharp angles are not something you will see much—Gaudi drew inspiration from fluid forms in nature. The interior of the basilica resembles a forest with tree-like beams creating a canopy overhead. You will also find many geometric shapes in the stained-glass windows, naves, and columns.

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Lauren Chiasson

2 thoughts on “Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia is Nearing Completion

  1. I want to go! I’m considering asking my college to run an artists’ photography class through Spain, arriving here just before Easter, June or Early September.

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