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Tag: food posts

Tag: food posts

Top Must-Try Dishes in Northern Italy

As many say, food is the way to the soul, and for Italy, it is true. Italia, consisting of twenty regions, is known for influencing...
April 2, 2024 Pilar Marotta

5 Food Apps to Download for Your Travels

Traveling means getting to experience delicious food you won't necessarily find at home, but with so many options, how do you choose? Whether you have...
September 24, 2019 Lucy Palmer

7 Holiday Treats From Around the World

Make room, gingerbread men! This year, impress your holiday guests with an international indulgence. These global holiday desserts are not only delicious, but their traditions,...
December 13, 2018 Francesca Williams

Recipes for a Globally Inspired Thanksgiving

What does your Thanksgiving table look like? Is there a classic salt-brined turkey and mashed potatoes at the center? Does the food reflect a rich...
November 20, 2018 Sarah Bichsel

New Recipe: Tarte Tatin

Add a little international flair to your 4th of July Celebrations with this delicious take on apple pie! You may think of apple pie as...
June 28, 2019 Una Dimitrijevic

Cultural Connections: Dining With Locals

Every pocket of the world has its own unique food traditions, which includes the way people gather to eat. Certain cultures focus on quick bites,...
June 6, 2019 Nicole Wegscheid

New STEM Activity: The Mediterranean Diet

Bring international flavor to the classroom with an all new STEM activity on the Mediterranean Diet! High School Biology and Human Nutrition Teacher Carlie Frydman has...
May 2, 2018 Sarah Bichsel

Slow Food: 3 Secrets of Italian Flavor

The concept of encouraging sustainable agriculture and locally-sourced ingredients produced with quality rather than quantity in mind has been gaining traction in recent years. But...
March 22, 2018 Una Dimitrijevic
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