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Bretzelsonndeg (aka Pretzel Sunday)

March 10, 2021 Beth Pfohl 1 Comment
Pretzels at a Munich market

As we are coming up on a year stuck inside our homes, I am constantly looking for new and exciting things to celebrate. While virtual weddings and Zoom baby showers are great, after a year, they are starting to feel tedious.

However, do not fear! I’m here to tell you about the Luxembourgish holiday of Pretzel Sunday (or Bretzelsonndeg in the local language of Luxembourgish) coming up on March 14th.

Pretzel Sunday is traditionally romantic in nature. On the fourth Sunday of Lent, a man who is interested in courting a woman should offer her a pretzel, traditionally one topped with fondant icing and almonds, and during leap years, the gender roles are reversed.

But that’s not where the celebrations end! The woman has until Easter to make her feelings known in return. A gift of chocolate Easter eggs is good news while an empty Easter basket means that she is not interested. In fact, this is where the Luxembourgish expression De Kuerf kréien (literally “to be given the basket” but more so “to be rejected” or “to be dumped”) finds its origin.

This year I will be celebrating Bretzelsonndeg by making my own pretzels and crossing my fingers that a romantic interest makes his affections known, but you also could also up the ante by crowning a Pretzel Queen in your own house for the day.

Wishing everyone a Lenten season full of pretzels and chocolate eggs rather than empty baskets!

Beth Pfohl

Beth Pfohl

One thought on “Bretzelsonndeg (aka Pretzel Sunday)

  1. I found this when doing some research to find a photo for the Mudec alumni page. Delighted to discover the author on this post!!

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