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Planning an Educational Tour 101

September 21, 2023 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

Ever see a photo of a school group tour abroad and wondered…how did they make that happen? It comes up more often than you might think! There are a series of steps between browsing itineraries and finding yourself in a new country with students, and ACIS is there for every part of the process.

For curious minds, we have put together an all new guide on how to plan an educational tour. Whether you’re new to the concept of educational travel or looking for a fresh start, this detailed brochure will kickstart the process.

What Goes Into Planning an ACIS Educational Tour?

Connected, Passionate Staff

Planning an educational tour is a true partnership. Every Group Leader works with a small group of ACIS staff to make decisions, and that same team is there to guide from initial itinerary interest all the way through the return home.

Brochure excerpts from How to Plan an Educational Tour

Customized Itinerary Selection

ACIS is not a one-size-fits-all tour company! We offer hundreds of ready-made itineraries that can be customized to fit your classroom needs. That could mean adding city stops and cultural connections, removing activities to make room for free time exploration, adjusting return flights and more.

Not seeing exactly what you want in the pre-built educational tour itineraries? We also offer the ability to craft your tour from scratch.

An Abundance of Recruitment and Planning Materials

In addition to staff support, you will also receive plenty of personalized materials to build your group.

Every Group receives their own TripSite account, a custom powerpoint, and ready-to-print flyers for distribution.

Students on an educational tour with ACIS in Greece

Rewards for Group Leaders

For us, it’s not enough to give students and teachers a transformative travel experience: We want to reward Group Leaders for their commitment to bringing groups abroad.

Through the World Travel Rewards program, Group Leaders earn points that can be used for trip upgrades, cash back, and future travel opportunities.

Global Conferences and Training Weekends

A special highlight of our World Traveler Rewards program, ACIS Global Conferences are held in destinations around the world, from Munich to Medellín, and designed to reward Group Leaders with the premier ACIS experience. Plus, any first time Group Leader who registers 5 travelers is automatically gifted a Training Weekend in Barcelona or Costa Rica.

Are you ready to start planning your educational tour?

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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