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Your ACIS Spain Playlist Just Dropped

February 2, 2023 Abby Feck No Comments

POV: You’re heading on a trip to Spain. Here is a playlist of Spanish artists to get you inspired before, during, and after your trip to España.

Rosalía – Despechá

Rosalía is a well-known Spanish pop artist from just outside of Barcelona. She has gained recent popularity for her unique style, both in music and fashion. Interested in bringing a student group to Barcelona? Check out these educational tours that include Barcelona.

Banda Municipal de a Coruña – La Torre De Hércules Album

Wind bands are popular in Spain, with Valencia as a hub for these groups. Valencia hosts numerous musical events every year, such as the Certamen Internacional de Bandes de Música “Ciutat de València.” View this itinerary to bring your ensemble to Valencia and other beautiful Spanish cities!

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Francisco Tárrega – Gran Vals

Known as the “father of classical guitar,” Francisco Tárrega is a talented guitarist from Villarreal, Province of Castellón, Spain. Francisco focused mainly on guitar, and went on to both compose and teach music. Check out this link to learn more about performing in Spain!

Enrique Morente – Estrella

Flamenco music is a key element of Spanish music and Enrique Morente was a pioneer in flamenco singing. Growing up in Granada then moving to Madrid in his teens, Morente was able to work with talented mentors and find success in this genre. Interested in visiting both Granada and Madrid? Click here to learn how you can travel to these cities and perform with Encore Tours!

Álvaro Soler – El Mismo Sol

Álvaro Soler is a Spanish-German artist who gained popularity with the song El Mismo Sol. Born in Barcelona, he is a native Spainard, but is now based in Germany for his music production and releases. Click here to explore an educational tour to both Germany and Spain!

Julio Iglesias – De Niña a Mujer

Julio Iglesias is considered to be the most commercially successful Spanish singer of all time. He was born in Madrid, and later moved to the United States where he started to put out music in multiple languages beyond just Spanish. He is also the father of well known singer Enrique Iglesias! Interested in a language immersion experience in Spain? Click here!

Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

Son of Julio Iglesias, Enrique is also from Madrid. He began his career in music in the mid 1990s  and gained quick popularity. Click here to learn more about educational travel to Spain with ACIS!

Pablo Alborán – Inséparables (feat. Zaz)

Pablo Alboran, hailing from Malaga, Spain, teams up with French singer Zaz on this song. The song partners French and Spanish lyrics beautifully over top smooth Spanish-inspired instrumentals. Click here to explore an opportunity to perform in both Spain and France!

Ana Mena – Ya Es Hora

Ana Mena is a popular Spanish singer and actress. She partnered with fellow Spanish artists Becky G and De La Ghetto to produce this track. Click here to look at ACIS tour options to Spain!

Quartet de Barcelona – Quartet de Barcelona Album

This group was created and founded in 1977 in Barcelona. They mainly perform live in Central Europe, and especially in festivals in their home country. Click here to review options to travel to Spain and beyond with ACIS!

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