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Why Private Schools Choose ACIS

February 21, 2024 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

A commitment to quality, an emphasis on education, and highly personalized service: Doesn’t this sound like someone you would want to plan a trip with? Our long list of private schools thinks so!

Discover how ACIS makes an ideal educational travel partner for private education groups and start your planning journey.

The ACIS Classics

At base level, every ACIS tour includes several high quality features that you won’t find with budget travel companies.

  • Centrally Located Hotels – On all ACIS tours, groups stay in centralized locations close to the heart of the action. Other companies save money by putting groups outside the city limits, but the cost comes back to the groups with extra hours of commute time.
  • 24/7 Network Support – If and when things go wrong in travel, from the little (missing bag) to the larger (missing flights), ACIS has a 24/7 service network dedicated to making things right.
  • Local, Authentic Meals – When in Rome! Eating as the locals do is important to our mission and we encourage students to try the local cuisine.
  • Top Tier Tour Managers – ACIS Tour Managers are the best of the best! You’ll be hard pressed to find more thoughtful, kind, intelligent, and organized tour guides in the world.

Customized Itineraries & Small Group Tours

We want your ACIS experience to be as unique as your individual classroom. To start, teachers work with a small number of ACIS Program Consultants to create a dream itinerary, whether that means starting from scratch or making adjustments to existing tours. That level of service only continues through the planning process, as the Program Consultant works hand-in-hand with you to recruit travelers, book activities, and ultimately take off for your destination. It’s a personalized process from beginning to end.

ACIS caters to smaller private schools and groups too! We have customizable private tours for groups with 13 or fewer participants, giving teachers even more flexibility and personalization.

Students at the eiffel tower

Educational Enrichment

ACIS itineraries put learning front and center. Every tour includes immersive activities that bring students closer to the cultures they’re visiting, from Flamenco dance lessons to Neopolitan pizza-making. We want students to return home feeling not as though they went on vacation but rather experienced a life-changing journey that broadened their horizons and connected the lessons of the classroom to the world.

Flamenco dance lesson

Lifeskills and Leadership

We know how important it is for preparatory schools to live up to their namesake and prepare students for life in college and beyond. Traveling abroad builds an array of skills that colleges look for such as:

  • Independence and critical thinking
  • Cultural awareness
  • Group communication
  • Foreign Language abilities

ACIS also offers specifically designed itineraries for inspiring youth leadership. The tours combine classic sightseeing with curated workshops to support the next generations of leaders.

Students at Florence market

Recruitment Opportunities

The educational enrichment from an ACIS Tour has proven benefits for students. Parents are always looking to get the most from their child’s education, and developing travel opportunities at private schools can have a positive impact on recruitment. A travel program can be a huge differentiation factor as parents look to maximize their tuition dollars, and when you’re traveling with ACIS, you have the assurance of being partnered with the best in the business.

Discover how you can build a travel program by contacting our Program Consultants!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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