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Tag: ACIS Tour Manager posts

Tag: ACIS Tour Manager posts

Spring Travel Review

Curious if travel has returned? The past few months can leave no doubt, it has! School vacations across the U.S. stagger, but now that they...
May 5, 2022 Susan Wiadro

6 Photogenic Spots in Edinburgh

This guest post is written by ACIS Tour Manager, Paul Daley. Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city has seen human habitation for well over two thousand years,...
April 13, 2021 ACIS Blog

Five Things I Love about Ireland

This guest blog post is written by Adrian Metcalfe. Adrian is a Celt through and through, with an Irish mother and a Welsh father. He...
March 17, 2021 Guest Blogger

How Things Are, and Might Be

This is a guest post written by Giulia Dindo, an ACIS Tour Manager based in Dublin, Ireland. Quarantine – this new word dominates our daily...
June 12, 2020 Guest Blogger

Christmas Time in Greece

ACIS Tour Manager Dimitra Neonakis describes the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of the Greek Christmas season. The smell of Christmas comes to every Greek...
December 19, 2019 Dimitra Neonakis

The ACIS Difference: Headsets on Demand

You're walking through the streets of Florence, packed with tourists and vendors and locals alike. As you follow your tour guide, leading a dozen or...
October 29, 2019 Sarah Bichsel
Featured Post Teachers in Their Own Words Everyone at ACIS is passionate about educational travel and could give you an overflowing list... Sarah Bichsel