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Student Spotlight: Mimi Tierney, ACIS Student Ambassador

March 23, 2015 Cara Marzilli 1 Comment
Each month we spotlight an ACIS traveler who reminds us that travel does indeed change lives. This month, we’re chatting with 10th grader, Mimi Tierney. While eagerly anticipating her trip, Mimi was asked by her teacher to be the ACIS Student Ambassador for her group, which she embraced with enthusiasm.
A Student Ambassador must be motivated and willing to help make the trip a success, but Mimi earned more than a task list: she won the ACIS Student Ambassador Free Trip Raffle! Now thanks to her participation as a Student Ambassador, and a little bit of luck, the cost of her ACIS tour has been covered. We can’t wait to check back in with Mimi when she returns from her trip!
mimi tierney
Mimi Tierney, ACIS Student Ambassador

Hi Mimi, thanks so much for chatting with us! Can you give us a little insight into what being a Student Ambassador is all about? How did you hear about it?

Mimi: My French teacher, Mme. McCoy, came to me asking if I wanted to be a Student Ambassador. She knew that I had been looking forward to going to France. So when the opportunity came up I took it on wholeheartedly. As a Student Ambassador, I helped recruit many of my friends to come to the first meeting and now they will be coming with me to France and Spain.

Having your friends join your trip will certainly make the experience memorable. We bet you’ll make friends with other students you may not have known as well before the trip as well – it happens all the time! So, what types of things are you doing as a Student Ambassador to encourage other students to travel with your group?

Mimi: To encourage others to come on this trip I posted pictures on my Instagram. I also made original posters advertising the trip and several meetings. I was able to help stuff folders for the meetings and relieve some stress from my teachers, too.

Instagram posts and handmade posters – how creative! We know teachers appreciate the help from motivated Student Ambassadors like you. What has been your favorite part about being a Student Ambassador?

Mimi: Personally, the best part about being a Student Ambassador, besides winning the free trip, would have to be being able to recruit my friends to come onto this trip, and knowing I’ll share this experience with them in a few months.

Your raffle win definitely sweetens the deal! We know the trip departure day is coming up, so what are you most looking forward to on your ACIS tour?

Mimi: I am definitely looking forward to the food in both Paris and Barcelona. Being an artist myself, I am also extremely excited about being able to tour different art museums and see the works of famous artists in Paris. Also, during one of the days in Barcelona, we will be going to the beach! Which is incredible.

Delicious food, world famous art, AND a beach day?! It sounds like your group is in for an amazing trip! Have you traveled outside of the U.S. before? Do you have a favorite travel memory?

Mimi: I have never traveled outside of the U.S. which makes this upcoming trip so exciting for me. One of the best traveling memories I have is when my family and I went to Florida and we were on the beach. I remember us all being genuinely happy. We were together and we did not have a care in the world. We were in the moment, no pictures, no videos, just us being.

Staying present in the moment is the best way to embrace travel. It sounds like you’re well on your way to being a pro-traveler, especially after this trip! Is there anywhere else you love to visit, or have on your travel bucket list?

Mimi: My two favorite places to travel would be to New York and to Charleston, SC. I would like to travel to Australia when I am older. My parents used to work there and they say it is incredible.

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Mimi!


Teachers, if you know a motivated student like Mimi, consider asking them to be your ACIS Student Ambassador. If you’re interested in learning more, you can talk to your International Program Manager.

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