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Announcing the 2020 ACIS Scholarship Winners

February 19, 2020 Sarah Bichsel 1 Comment
Group jumping in front of the Tower of Pisa

Each year ACIS offers traveling students the opportunity to win scholarships for their trips through the creation of essays, photography and artwork, and each year we continue to be amazed by the talent that comes in through the mailbox.

This year’s contest theme was “Becoming a Global Citizen.” We wanted students to think critically about what that phrase means to them and how it applies to every day life.

Entries for artwork, photography and writing categories were judged on creativity, inventiveness and how the expression of the idea relates to the theme. After reviewing hundreds of submissions, we’re thrilled to announce the winners of our 2020 Travel Scholarship Contest!


Grand Prize, High School – $1000 Scholarship

A Girl in Class
Vanessa Tasé Sueiro, Florida

“There is a common assumption that all immigrants are world learners and open-minded about other cultures but it takes time and work and effort. Taking a community takes accepting if not embracing our differences.” – Author entry description

Runner Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

My Dolls
Monique Evdokiou, California

“To me, being a global citizen means to celebrate and marvel at the beauty of other cultures for what they are, and expand our visions of our world past what is familiar.”

Grand Prize, Middle School – $1000 Scholarship

Sidney Haines, Arizona

“So what does is mean, to live internationally? It means the same thing as it means to be human. And no matter how many textbooks try, that still won’t ever be defined.The best that we can ever do is try to be as human as we can.”

Runner Up, Middle School – $500 Scholarship

What We Need More Of
Haeon Lee, New York

“Stepping back and viewing the larger perspective is critical to becoming a global citizen.” – Author entry description

High School Artwork

Grand Prize, High School – $1000 Scholarship
Global Jigsaw
Ali Monzon, Wisconsin

“To me, becoming a global citizen means solving problems that the world faces with the other nations and counties and seeing how we all fit together to come to the solution. In the acrylic painting I did, the puzzle represents problems we face, not just as one part of the world but the Earth entirely.”

Runner Up, High School – $500 Scholarship
It Takes All
Olivia Voge, Wisconsin

“When I think about becoming a global citizen a lot of words come to mind. There is no clear cut definition and no step-by-step process to becoming one. It takes all, it takes error. It takes thought, it takes action. It takes logic, it takes emotion. Global citizenship is not one size fits all. It means something different to everyone, but everyone means something. Ultimately it means reaching out and helping others lift up the world.”

High School Photography

Grand Prize, High School – $1000 Scholarship
Ricordi del Duomo
Gunnar Witcher, Texas

“I came to the realization that while traveling and learning is important, I must also remember who I am and where I came from, and I must share the world as it has shared with me. I believe this is the meaning of a ‘global citizen.'”

Runner Up, High School – $500 Scholarship
What is Global?
Grayson Cobb, Tennessee

“Every culture is unique but human values transcend across any cultural or national ties. Being a global citizen means recognizing these similarities and breaking cultural barriers. “

Middle School Art & Photo

Grand Prize, Middle School – $1000 Scholarship
Wings for the World
Sophia Addison Szabo, Maryland

“The butterfly is a symbol for Global Citizenship, for traveling, hope and transformation. Its wings are small images highlighting world crises that Global Citizenship can solve such as global warming, pollution and gender inequality.”

Runner Up, Middle School – $500 Scholarship
Global Citizen Means Advocacy
Amari Pandian, Texas

“To me being a global citizen means learning about inequity in the world and teaching others about it. It means advocating for people whose voices aren’t heard. And most importantly it means making an impact in the world, no matter how small.”

Stay tuned for information on our 2021 Scholarship Contest!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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