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Why Next Generation Travel

May 9, 2018 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

Next Generation Travel: what’s it all about? Webster’s dictionary has no definition (yet), but you can think of it as a trip that goes above and beyond the typical tour, highlighting an immersive, socially conscious experience.

We’ve put together a few reasons why your next trip should be Next Gen.

Explore Beyond the Tour

We want to be clear: every travel experience has the power to enrich the lives of students, and tour-based learning is in no way “lesser” than a Next Gen trip. The difference is in overarching focus.  During the Young Women’s Leadership in Italy, for example, students spend the majority of their time in workshops, service projects, and global exchange groups. Exploring the Roman forum and the Florentine Duomo are still on the itinerary – we wouldn’t let the opportunity pass! – but total emphasis is placed on connections with local role models and leadership development.

Immersive Perspectives

Next Gen Travel means a deeper dive: building language skills and forging relationships with the communities visited. Language Immersion Programs combine homestays, excursions guided in the language of study, and local tutoring. Service Learning projects are just as much about bonds with local citizens as they are about making a difference.

Curricular Customization 

Every classroom is unique, and your trip should reflect the individual interests of your team! Oftentimes, we’ve had teachers reach out to us about specific service sites or learning outcomes, and to that we say “let’s make it happen.” Add an art component to a STEM trip, allow students  to receive credit for community service requirements, tack on language studies; whatever will help your class, we want to help you with.


Better World Building

Teachers believe in potential, and so do we. Whether cultivating the leaders of tomorrow or supporting inter-disciplinary service projects, Next Generation Travel experiences are meant to leave a positive social impact. Service Learning is the obvious standout, but STEM activities and cultural insights can have significant influence on students’ mindsets, not to mention their career paths!


Discover how three teachers felt about their Next Generation Travel experiences – and how you can start your own today!


Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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