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Travel Gift Ideas for Students

December 14, 2022 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

It’s that time of year again, where we look at our list of friends and family and wonder what to gift them. If you have a student traveler in your life, we have some great travel gift ideas to get them ready for their adventures abroad. Get ready to check off that list!

Contributions to Their ACIS Fundraising Page

Is someone you know embarking on an ACIS educational tour? Ask them if they have set up a fundraising profile! Each student gets to create their own unique page, where you can donate any amount to support them.

(PS. If they don’t have one yet, show them this blog post on how to easily get one set up!)

ACIS fundraising page example

Reusable Water Bottle

On tour there is plenty of walking and therefore plenty of need to stay hydrated. Help reduce waste abroad by gifting a reusable water bottle that travelers can use instead of purchasing single use plastics.

ACIS students filling up water bottles in the streets of Barcelona
Students filling their water bottles in Barcelona

Passport Holder

It’s always good to know exactly where your passport is! Think about gifting a passport holder that they can keep safely secured throughout their travels.

Luggage Lock

Enjoy piece of mind by investing in a lock for luggage. It works well for both security at the airport and when you want to leave important items at the hotel room while off exploring.

Quick Language Guides

Is your niece going to France without much French language knowledge? There are countless guide books available for those who want to know the basics to make their way. Based on size, a favorite of ours is the Discovery Eyewitness series, which can easily fit into a backpack or purse. Shown below for scale!

Gift Idea for Travelers: A pocket sized phrase book

Fiction to Inspire

Get the imagination going before the plane has even taken off with the gift of a good book to start the adventure.

Be swept up in the romance of Europe with contemporary novels such as Beautiful Ruins and The Little Paris Bookshop. And you can’t go wrong with classics from Charles Dickens, James Joyce, and Jane Austen to set the mood. Checkout more of our literary recommendations to inspire travel on the blog.

Whether you choose to give the gift of an ACIS fundraising page donation or a small keepsake to make travel easier, you’ll get to be a part of the journey – and that’s a gift back to you!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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