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Top Educational Tours to Spain

May 11, 2021 Susan Wiadro No Comments
ACIS Madrid

ACIS has been leading educational tours to Spain since our founding in 1978. Oftentimes when I explain educational travel to the uninitiated, it’s my second sentence “…you know, like when a Spanish teacher takes her students to Spain for a week over spring break…”. That little sentence doesn’t say much, but the experience can mean everything!

Below are 5 of our most popular educational tours to Spain. Whether you’re a Spanish, history, art or science teacher, a trip to Spain will ignite your senses and expand your understanding.

  1. Spanish Vistas
  2. Los Pueblos Blancos
  3. Andalusian Fiesta
  4. Barcelona, Madrid and Seville
  5. Spanish Capitals

Spanish Vistas

ACIS Spanish Vistas

Enjoy the most famous Spanish sites all in one trip. This fast-paced tour will introduce you to the diversity of Spanish culture and the complexity of its history. From vibrant Madrid through Seville and Granada, where flamenco vibrates in the streets and the Moorish influence can still be felt, to beautiful Barcelona with its Gaudí masterpieces—explore Spain in a nutshell during this unique trip.

Los Pueblos Blancos

ACIS Los Pueblos Blancos

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of culture, passion and Spanish scenery beckoning you to visit. Saying “¡Bienvenidos a España!” is cost-friendly with this exciting tour of Madrid and southern Spain. This tour is a great learning experience as students go from the museums of Madrid to the old capital of Toledo and then on to the whitewashed villages of Andalucía.

Andalusian Fiesta

ACIS Andalusian Fiesta

Get comfortable by beginning your tour in small-town Toledo. Then head south to experience the best of Andalucía, before ending your tour in fast-paced Madrid. This 10-day adventure mixes cities big and small. It provides just the right mix of hands-on learning, touring and fun.

Barcelona, Madrid and Seville

ACIS Barcelona, Madrid and Seville

What do you get when you add together three of Spain’s most spectacular cities? You get a trip that is the perfect combination of buzzing cities and beautiful coastline. This 8-day tour is value priced, but doesn’t skimp on inclusions, from a flamenco lesson and show to tours of the Prado, Sagrada Familia and Seville Cathedral. Quite simply, on this tour you get Spain at its best.

Spanish Capitals

ACIS Spanish Capitals

High-speed train meets high-speed learning adventure. Gain a deep understanding of two of Spain’ most famous cities with little time lost in transit thanks to the AVE train. The bustle of Barcelona. The museums of Madrid. Segovia’s famed Roman aqueduct. Not to mention, Toledo and glimpses of some of Spain’s’ most historic sites. This trip lets your students see it all.

Do any of these five educational tours to Spain inspire you to get planning? We have 39 tours in all that visit Spain, check them all out and let us know your favorites.

Spanish Video Lesson Plans

Perdido en Madrid

Perdido en Madrid is a two-part video lesson plan with accompanying worksheets for high school level Spanish classrooms! 

Susan Wiadro

Susan Wiadro

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