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2 Summer Recipes to Inspire Italy Travel

July 20, 2023 Beth Pfohl No Comments

It may be half-way through July, but we are approaching my favorite time of the summer: when my garden begins to overflow with its bounty, and I can start cooking summer recipes.

Every July, I find myself up to my neck in tomatoes and basil, and I’m constantly looking for friends, neighbors, and even strangers on my commute to take a bundle of my abundance of parsley off my hands.

You may be finding yourself in a similar “I have too many herbs and vegetables and no idea how to use them situation,” so I wanted to share my two favorite recipes that have me daydreaming about those perfect Italian summer nights when it has finally cooled down enough to enjoy a traditional passeggiata after dinner. Bonus: These recipes use lots of things your garden may have in excess! 

No-Knead Focaccia

·       Pro Tip: Garlic confit, cherry tomatoes and rosemary from your garden all make excellent toppers for your focaccia. 

Grown-Up Summer Mac & Cheese

·       Pro Tip: It takes longer in the oven than the video says. Bake until the orzo is your desired level of doneness. 

Now if you are like me, these recipes may just be the inspiration you need to start thinking about an educational trip to Italy.

Just imagine: next year you may not even need my recipes as you could be walking the streets of Rome with your students and eating local Italian food instead! 

If you are a fellow foodie traveler like me, this is your sign to take your students and get out there to explore — and eat!

Want to connect and talk all things travel and food? Send an email or give us a call to make your Italy dreams a reality.

Beth Pfohl

Beth Pfohl

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