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Student Tours to Spain Video

October 3, 2018 ACIS Blog 1 Comment
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There are few better feelings than the one after you’ve successfully put a new language into practice. Even it’s something simple, like ordering tapas or asking for directions. Knowing you’ve managed to have a dialogue with someone outside of your native language is exhilarating.

Connection and communication are at the heart of what makes us love travel so much after all!

On your school trip to Spain with ACIS, you’ll see the beauty and history of the country first hand. Students have the opportunity to make those same connections, with language, food and even some Flamenco dancing. It’s all about expanding your skills beyond the classroom and learning how to communicate in a new way. As one student remarked, “I’ve only ever spoken Spanish in the classroom, so I was very surprised at how easily I was able to throw myself into it and actually speak Spanish.”

See our new Spain destination video to see how an immersive experience can benefit you. Then check out our latest Spanish classroom resource, filmed in the heart of Madrid!



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