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See the World from your Couch: A Virtual Tourism Guide

March 26, 2020 Lucy Palmer No Comments

As travelers, we are driven by curiosity and yearn to explore the world beyond our own communities. Even as international travel is put on hold and many of us are confined to our homes, it doesn’t mean we have to lose our global perspective or stop learning about the world around us. No matter where your specific interests lie, there’s much to see and learn, even from the couch.  

In addition to ACIS’ collection of Virtual Tourism lesson plans, now available with ungated access, the links below will allow you and your students to explore beautiful international cities virtually while learning about history, art, and culture along the way. Whether you pair these virtual tours with learning comprehension questions for your students, or pair them with your favorite international foods as you use them simply to escape your current scenery, we hope they help ease the travel bug until we can get back out there and explore these amazing places together in person. 


Travel through Rome virtually and see more than you ever could in one day by foot! Start at the ancient Colosseum, stop by the Vatican and check out it’s museum collections, and then take in tourist hot-spots like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. Learn about the cultural significance of many of Rome’s piazzas and don’t miss the Pantheon. Fans of Roman history will want to explore the Roman Forum and ancient Pompeii as well. 

Next, head north to explore Italian masterpieces in the Uffizi Gallery of Florence or Doge’s Palace of Venice. End your Italian adventure in Venice’s St. Mark’s Square and take in the beauty of the surrounding waters.  


Hop across the Mediterranean to sunny Spain to continue your virtual tour of Europe. In Barcelona, appreciate the unique designs of Antoni Gaudí and the stories behind them at Park GuellCasa Mila, and of course, La Sagrada Familia. Don’t forget to stop at the peaceful Park Ciutadella

Continue west to Madrid and explore Plaza Mayor at the city’s center. Then dedicate some time to the arts as you admire the collections of Velázquez, Goya and more at the Prado Museum.


Next stop, the City of Love! Take a complete virtual tour of Paris and learn the history of each stop along the way. See an intact Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel TowerArc de TriompheSacré-Cœur, the Latin Quarter, and much more.  

Step inside the Louvre and take a virtual tour of some of its impressive galleries including Galerie d’Apollon and Egyptian Antiquities. 


For the last stop of your tour, get a 360° view of gorgeous London and all its main attractions. The best part? Not a cloud in the sky!  

For an in depth view of British history, spend some time touring the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey. Broaden your historic scope by engaging with artifacts at the British Museum too! 

Engage your creative side by spending some time at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or viewing the Tate Museum’s art collections

Want to get out of the city? Take an interactive tour of Stonehenge then. 

P.S. To explore outside of Europe, check out this immersive tour of Machu Picchu or see highlights of China. 

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