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New ACIS Content: AP Learning and Educational Travel

February 23, 2024 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

Travel has the power to inspire students and make a difference in the classroom: That applies to AP courses, too!

ACIS Program Consultant Scott Martin, who is also a former AP History teacher and ACIS Group Leader, worked with our content team to create a piece that illuminates the deep connections between AP coursework and educational travel.

Download the AP Content Piece

Connecting AP Course Themes

The AP Learning and Educational Travel ebook kicks off by covering key AP course frameworks, including the 3Cs and Historical Thinking Skills. Scott brings his own experience as an ACIS Group Leader and AP educator to demonstrate past educational travel experiences that tied into his classroom.

AP Learning in Action on Tour

So what does an AP course look like in action on an ACIS Tour? We take you through the Bell’Italia itinerary and compare day-by-day sightseeing with official AP learning objectives. See how history comes alive and positively enhances the AP learning experience.

Group looking at the Duomo architecture

Applicable to All Kinds of AP Subjects!

While we use history as a major example to guide the ebook, there are so many different subjects that you can apply the themes to!

  • AP English Literature: The classics come to life in the very places they were written across England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Sample activities include workshops with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, poetry workshops at Dove Cottage, and immersive tours across key literary cities like London.  
  • AP Sciences: We offer a variety of itineraries to important ecological destinations. Explore Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, the home of rare and unique animal species, all the way to Iceland and the Azores, which are packed with geological wonders.  
  • AP Art History: See the masterworks up close and personal! The paintings and sculptures you’ve studied as a class all year long will be right in front of you for even more detailed examination, and the city tours will provide additional historical context. 
  • AP Languages: Students will be able to practice their languages in real time in destinations like Spain, Germany and France. As language teachers know, immersion makes a big difference in comprehension!   

Ready to explore the connections between AP coursework and educational travel? Download the AP Learning and Educational Travel ebook below!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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