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2024 Calendars for Teachers

December 14, 2023 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

As 2023 draws to a close, we want to gift a little something special that can brighten the classroom in the new year.

Enjoy a selection of 2024 calendars for teachers designed to spark the imagination and increase investment in languages, history and STEM.

The 2024 Language Calendars come designed for Spanish, French, and German classrooms. We also offer a calendar with key historical moments from around the globe and another that celebrates achievements in STEM. And best of all, even if you don’t fall into one of these teaching categories, the calendars will still provide travel inspiration and fun facts for the class.

Download Free ACIS 2024 Calendars for Teachers Below

2024 Spanish language calendars for teachers

Inspire your Spanish students with stops in Madrid and Riviera Maya, Argentina to Ecuador with the 2024 Spanish Cultural Calendar! The Spanish calendars include:

  • ¿Sabías que? – Fun facts on UNESCO world heritage sites, biodiversity, and cultural traditions
  • National independence celebrations
  • Birthdays of key artists and historical figures such as Benito Juarez and Frida Kahlo
  • ACIS itineraries that travel to the featured destinations

2024 French language calendars for teachers

Each month the 2024 French Cultural calendar brings you to a new destination in the French-speaking world, from Paris to Provence. The French calendars include:

  • ¿Saviez vous? – Fun facts on culture, history, and language traditions
  • Dates of carnivals, festivals, and national holidays
  • Birthdays of historical figures such as Molière, Jules Verne, and Christian Dior
  • ACIS itineraries that travel to the featured destinations

German calendars for teachers

Bring German language to life with the 2024 German Cultural Calendar! Sample destinations include Berlin, Salzburg, Vienna, Lucerne, and Liechtenstein. The German calendars include:

  • Wissen sie? – Monthly fun facts on language, tradition, and geography
  • Holiday celebrations (National Schnitzel day and German Language Day are both in September!)
  • Birthdays of historical figures such as Mozart and Albert Einstein
  • ACIS itineraries that travel to the featured destinations

2024 STEM calendar cover

Get students excited about the worlds of science, math and more with a 2024 STEM Calendar. Each month features a new groundbreaking discovery or key issue in STEM. The calendars include:

  • Fun facts on STEM topics ranging from panda conservation to geothermal energy
  • Key celebrations such as Earth Day, World Oceans Day, and Computer Science Education Week
  • Birthdays of historical figures such as Rachel Carson and Alan Turing
  • ACIS itineraries that travel to the featured destinations

2024 history calendar cover

From the March on Washington to the Ides of March, our 2024 History Calendar is full of key events from regions around the globe at a range of different time periods. The history calendars include:

  • Fun historical facts each month – Did you know only 1/5 of London’s buildings survived the great fire of 1666?
  • Key turning points in world history
  • History-makers’ birthdays from Charles Darwin to Amelia Earhart
  • ACIS itineraries that travel to the featured destinations

How else can ACIS Educational Tours bring your classroom to life?

As an educational travel company, our mission is to serve teachers and students, helping them discover the world and bring meaningful life lessons home. Through travel to international destinations, we create opportunities for engagement with language, culture and history that will stay with students for years to come.

Be sure to browse our itinerary options and discover more lesson plans and materials.

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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