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ACIS Travel Review: “Nothing Short of Phenomenal”

June 15, 2023 Guest Blogger No Comments

Mark S. is an educator in Brooklyn, New York, and his school recently traveled with ACIS Tours to Italy and France. He shared an incredible review of his trip that we knew we had to share with you!

Why Travel With ACIS Tours

Our trip to France and Italy was nothing short of phenomenal. Upon arrival, we met an amazing, energetic woman named Monica, who took care of us the entire time we were there. Her knowledge of the areas we went to was quite impressive. In Paris, we were able to “climb” to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take in the breathtaking scenery of the entire city. We were able to visit Sainte-Chapelle and marvel at the beautiful stained glass and the gothic style architecture. We took an evening cruise down the Seine River, which was spectacular.

Students on ACIS Tour at Versailles
Sainte Chapelle in Paris

When we went to Nice, the gorgeous beach called to us immediately. One of the group’s favorite activities was the bike tour around the city. It was so much fun – and it was a different way of sightseeing. While visiting Eze, we were able to take part in a perfume making workshop, where we ended up creating our own perfume/cologne that we took home with us.

While in Pisa, we took the obligatory photos with the Leaning Tower – some of us pushing it over, some of us holding it up, and some of us even getting crushed by it. In Rome, we did so much in a day and a half: My head is still spinning! The Colosseum itself was incredible. We also visited the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Trevi Fountain and so much more!

So now, when I hold meetings to introduce these trips and talk all about them, I start with those three magical words, “Travel Changes Lives.” I’m a believer – but most importantly, I’m a witness.

Mark S., Educator, New York City
Students in Florence with ACIS Tours

Every part of the trip was magical – and that’s because we had our fabulous tour manager, Monica. She was truly exceptional. She’s kind, patient, energetic, and fun-loving. Her personality was perfect for our group of girls. I’ve been on 4 trips now with ACIS. The tour manager is absolutely vital for the success of the trip. They are with you 24/7 and they handle EVERYTHING! Small or major, insignificant or extremely important – the tour manager handles it. Monica was worth every Euro – and then some!

We’ve been proud to schedule all of our trips recently with ACIS. They truly ARE an educational travel company. We learned so much during the entire trip, from the moment we stepped foot on the bus—where we were taught how to say Bonjour! to our driver—to the many cultural and historical lessons we learned while in France and Italy, to saying Ciao! to Monica as we departed for home.”

Notre Dame Cathedral and Students

ACIS is just different. They have the best tour managers, the best guides, the best bus drivers, etc. They don’t cut corners. They make sure you’re fully engulfed in the cultures and traditions of the countries that you’re exploring. They leave enough down time for you to explore on your own as well. It’s the perfect balance. There are other travel companies out there, but they don’t compare to ACIS.

Travel Changes Lives. It’s not just a slogan that ACIS uses. It’s a fact. I didn’t know how true that statement was until I traveled to Europe for the first time and took a small group to Spain in 2018. The trip opened my eyes and my mind. It was the trip of a lifetime. I was able to experience different cultures, traditions, customs, and ways of thinking. I had a new perspective on life itself. You don’t appreciate it until you experience it for yourself.

So now, when I hold meetings to introduce these trips and talk all about them, I start with those three magical words, “Travel Changes Lives.” I’m a believer – but most importantly, I’m a witness.

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