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ACIS Staff Travel Spotlight: Lucy Palmer

January 16, 2020 Lucy Palmer 1 Comment

Tell us a little about yourself! How long you’ve been at ACIS and what your interests are

I’m in my rookie year at ACIS as the Marketing Coordinator! While I love traveling, there’s no place I love more than Boston, where you can find me cheering for Boston sports teams all year round. I also love an adrenaline rush any way I can get it, from skiing to rollercoasters to listening to true crime podcasts.

What inspired you to travel to New Zealand?

Some friends and I took a 9-day trip to New Zealand during a school break from our semester studying abroad in Australia. Being so close and having heard so many amazing things, I couldn’t wait to see it for myself.

Best outdoor activity?

Too many to name! There’s amazing hiking spots everywhere you look, and I recommend visiting the Franz Josef Glacier and the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland as well. But I have to say skydiving. You’ll never find a more beautiful place to jump out of a plane.

Best museum?

New Zealand is not the kind of destination where you want to spend much time indoors, but I’d have to say the best attraction is Hobbiton! Even though I don’t consider myself a Lord of the Rings fan, it was really cool to see the whole tiny village that was built for a movie set and to enjoy a drink in the Green Dragon Inn.

Best thing you ate?

Pavlova. A delicious New Zealand dessert.

Most interesting fact you learned?

Sheep outnumber people in New Zealand by 7x. And after hours of driving through the countryside and seeing thousands of sheep and very few people or structures, I totally believe it!

Funniest moment?

I was traveling with a friend who studied engineering. We drove by an energy plant, and being in “tourist mode,” she made us pull over and ask if they gave tours. The woman at the front desk kindly informed us that it was simply an office. It was equal parts funny and humiliating.

Any “Travel Changes Lives” Moments?

While we planned an itinerary, some of the most beautiful things we came across were along the drive to our next destination. Very often we’d pull the car over just to get out and take in the natural beauty all around us. I always say that Lake Wanaka, a sparkling blue body of water surrounded by snow-capped mountains year-round, is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It moved me to tears and brought me such a sense of peace that I sat there for over an hour.

What would you do if you went back again?

I’d love to explore some of the smaller islands off the coast. And if I went back, I’d definitely want to bring my parents with me. And see a kiwi! They’re nocturnal and hard to find, but oh so cute.

If you had to sell the destination in 5 words what would it be?

Stunning Natural Beauty. Delightful Locals.

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Lucy Palmer

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