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6 Spanish Language and Culture Podcasts for Students

August 7, 2018 Sarah Bichsel 1 Comment

For anyone who read our French Language Podcast roundup and thought “I wish they’d done one for Spanish”… Your wish has been granted! Here are 6 podcasts, across a broad range of experience levels, that will add history, culture, and current events to the Spanish classroom.


Spanish Obsessed 
Language Level – Beginner to Advanced

Meet Rob and Liz, a couple on a mission to help others build their Spanish language skills. Rob, a UK native, is continually developing his Spanish with the guidance of Liz, who is originally from Colombia. Together they came up with a language-learning podcast that has since become an entire brand, Spanish Obsessed. There are a wide range of programs available, including Spanish from Scratch for true beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced podcast sessions.


Language Level – Advanced

A traditional tertulia in Spain is the practice of friends gathering around a café table to discuss any number of subjects. It was kind of the earliest form of the podcast when you think about it! Since 2012, Histocast has been gathering a group of friends to examine the obscurities and eccentricities of history, from infamous natural disasters to the Roman conquest.



The Latin American History Podcast
Language Level – In English

Writer and photographer Max Serjeant developed this podcast to share his passion for Latin American history with others. Digging into the complex histories that have shaped the region and the human stories that continue to inspire, the podcast is a fascinating way to improve your knowledge of Central and South America.


Duolingo Podcast
Language Level – English and Intermediate Spanish

Duolingo offers a decidedly unique spin on the language podcast in that it combines both English and Spanish! Every week, the podcast features a new human interest story. The stories are told in Spanish, but host Martina will interject quick historical context in English, and the result is a well-balanced exercise in listening comprehension.


RTVE Nómadas
Language Level – Advanced

We wouldn’t miss the opportunity to plug a travel show! RTVE, Spain’s public radio station, has been airing the weekly program “Nómadas” for 10 years and still uncovers fascinating new corners of the earth to explore. This is a great chance to practice travel-related vocabulary while going on an aural journey around the globe.


News in Slow Spanish
Language Level – Beginner

Want to keep up with current events and learn Spanish at the same time? News in Slow Spanish is your ticket! Each week there is a new episode featuring current events and human interest stories, spoken in Spanish slowly enough for beginners to digest the information.


Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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