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5 Reasons to Enter the ACIS Global Conference Sweepstakes

February 9, 2023 Sarah Bichsel No Comments

From Paris to Bosnia, Food and Wine of Japan to Spa Adventures in Costa Rica, ACIS Global Conferences exist to offer a big THANK YOU to Group Leaders for being part of the ACIS family. Did you know? Any Group Leaders (current or potential) who give us a call and get a price quote before March 1, will be entered to win 2 FREE SPOTS on any Global Conference?

Here are 5 one-of-a-kind experiences you could have if you win the free Global Conference of your choice! But remember – Repeat travelers don’t need luck to attend an ACIS Global Conference. You can use your World Traveler Rewards Points to sign up for your own conference now.

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#1 Ride a Camel through the Sahara

Ditch the average hump day on our Global Conference to Morocco, where you’ll get to ride a camel across the sands of the Sahara.

Travel by camel in the Sahara desert

#2 Travel in a motorized canoe to your lodge in the Upper Amazon

Our Global Conference in the Amazon is sure to be unlike any other, down to the transportation. Staying in a beautiful remote lodge on the river, you will arrive by a motorized canoe.


#3 Tour a Former Greek Castle and Present Day Winery

Built in Athens on sprawling green acres of olive trees and gardens, The Queen’s Tower was commissioned by Queen Amalia and unveiled in 1854. Though the royals are long gone, the beautiful gothic home stands strong and is open for touring. You’ll not only see the famous tower, but sample wines grown in the surrounding vineyards.

Visit Athens on the ACIS Global Conference
Acropolis in Athens Greece in the evening before sunset

#4 Step Inside a Nuclear Bunker

Sarajevo is steeped in history, including the catalyst site of WWI, and the remains of Cold War artifacts. On this trip through Bosnia, you’ll have the chance to step into a preserved nuclear bunker, prepared as tensions between the USSR and United States mounted.


#5 Dine in the Former Home of Fashion Icon Pierre Balmain

Our Morocco trip is so nice, we had to list it twice! The itinerary includes the opportunity to dine in the former home of fashion designer Pierre Balmain. House Balmain was a leading couture shop post WWII and Pierre dressed stars such as Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich. His former residence in Morocco is no less elegant!

Former home of fashion icon Pierre Balmain, a dinner spot on the ACIS Global Conference to Morocco


Ready to have the experience of a lifetime?

Sign up to start your entry into our Global Conference Sweepstakes!

ACIS Global Conference Sweepstake Image
Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

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