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5 Perks of The ACIS Student Ambassador Program

April 24, 2015 Cara Marzilli No Comments
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As the last months of the school year are on the horizon, teachers’ schedules show no sign of slowing down. Between school breaks, standardized tests, proms and formals, the end of year can be exceptionally busy. Attempting to plan an international student trip on top of that may seem downright challenging.

While our International Program Consultants  and our local representatives do a phenomenal job at assisting you plan and prepare, we know having another set of hands can help. That’s where the ACIS student Ambassador program comes in!

Nominating a motivated student to be your Student Ambassador is an easy way to help you promote the trip and get participants registered. Student Ambassadors have the chance to play a role in making sure they and their friends get to travel abroad by encouraging enrollments.

Here are the top 5 perks of the ACIS ambassador program:

  1. It’s Up To You. Students can apply on their own – or you can nominate a student ambassador! Either way, only the group leader has the final decision on who you select as your student ambassador – or ambassadors if you want to have more than one.
  2. Apply Now And Win! Just for submitting an application before April 30th, 2015 students and teachers are entered to win a prize! One student may be the lucky recipient of a GoPro camera – perfect for documenting their trip overseas, and one teacher may win the raffle for a travel scholarship voucher to award to the student of their choice
  3. Students Are Social. Promotions and connecting just got easier. We encourage teachers to use social media, but know that there are certain limitations when interacting with students. Your #ACISAmbassador can use their social media presence to better connect with other students and friends to get the word out.
    Twitter for Teachers
  4. Skills For Life. When students participate in the ACIS ambassador program, they’re given tasks and an activities checklist to promote and plan the trip. The role is a great boost to college applications and resumes, with the opportunity to learn valuable marketing, communication and business skills. Plus, it demonstrates leadership, creativity, drive and responsibility.
  5. Eyes On The Prize(s). Once a student ambassador is selected, they’re not just the teacher’s responsibility. At ACIS, we’ll engage with students and encourage their participation through monthly contests, awesome prizes, and social or email communications. Active student ambassadors are rewarded for their hard work and recognized by us!


The student ambassador program is perfect for a motivated student who is excited to travel. But their perks don’t end with the satisfaction of a job well done, once selected, the ACIS Student Ambassadors will receive:

  • Entries into a raffle to win their trip for free. They earn one raffle entry for every item completed on the Activities Checklist. The more active they are in helping you recruit, the more chances they have to win! One free trip winner for each calendar year will be selected from the raffle entries.
  • A $100 discount off the cost of the tour
    (to all Student Ambassadors who help their group reach and maintain a minimum of 15 participants or more – only one discount awarded per group, which split between multiple ambassadors per group leaders preference).


Students, don’t forget: you can apply directly for the ACIS ambassador program! 


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Cara Marzilli

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