10 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Trip

Choosing a trip is a big decision, and ACIS Program Consultants are here to help! Below are items to consider when making your decision.

  1. Where are you looking to travel? Are there any countries, cities or must-see attractions that you have in mind?
  2. What type of tour interests you? For example, are you looking for a language immersion, leadership project or service-learning trip, or would you prefer a more traditional touring educational program?
  3. Do you have any specific educational goals for this trip? Are there any aspects of your curriculum you would like for the trip to support in particular?
  4. For foreign language teachers: How often would you like your students to be using the local language while on tour?
  5. How many students and chaperones would you like to have on your trip? How important is a private tour?
  6. Would you prefer to travel to many places and gain a general sense for the country or region you are visiting, or would you rather stay in one to two cities and have the chance to dig in and more fully immerse yourself?
  7. How busy would you like your days to be and how comfortable are you with free time?
  8. What is the age of your participants? What is their travel experience?
  9. What type of tour inclusions would most interest you and your students? Would they prefer touring museums, castles and heritage sites, or are more physically active options such as ziplining, hiking and snorkeling more your style? Are there specific cultural connections that you’d like to include, such as meeting local students, learning a traditional craft or how to cook the local cuisine?
  10. Do you have a particular price point in mind? How did you reach that number?

Now that the cogs are turning, it’s time to chat with your ACIS Program Consultant. They are experts in sorting through your answers and priorities to find or design your perfect tour.


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