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Where to Find Free Spanish Language Teaching Resources

February 7, 2017 Allison Swider 6 Comments

Spanish teachers are always on the lookout for new resources to help their students delve deeper into the target language. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of websites that offer Spanish teachers new resources packed with ideas and lesson plans to assist in teaching Spanish to your students. These sites offer a variety of fun, original, and interactive activities that still a thoroughly educational experience for your students. And the best part? They’re all FREE!

1. Spanish4Teachers

spanish 4 teachers - spanish language resources

This interactive website gives free resources to Spanish teachers who are eager to find new PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, and teaching material that will be sure to engage and excite students of all ages. This website has something for every teacher!

2. Online Resources for Teachers of Spanish

i teach spanish 2 - spanish language resources

If you are looking for assistance for teaching Spanish to beginners, this website is for you! Each tab offers categorized teaching suggestions on concepts such as the alphabet, family and the parts of the body through songs, rhymes and exercises! Don’t be surprised when your students walk out of your classroom singing “Cabeza, hombros, piernas, pies!”

3. Spanish Playground

spanish playground spanish language resources

There is no doubt that the most fun way to learn is through creative and entertaining activities. Spanish Playground has a plethora of resources that teachers can such as crafts and printable resource that make learning the basics vocabulary and grammar seem significantly less tedious.

4. Teaching Ideas

teaching ideas spanish language resources

This website offers a variety of downloadable posters and worksheets that can be posted around the classroom and other places to assist in reminding students of specific Spanish words and phrases that are often used in conversation!

5. Spanish Proficiency Exercises

spanish proficiency spanish language resources

For those looking for a more structured, advanced style of lesson, this page by the University of Texas at Austin has videos and downloads that are great for proficiency exercises. From beginning to superior, all levels of ability can benefit from the practice of language and style of native speakers seen on this site.

6. Kahoot

kahoot spanish language resources

Kahoot is not just for Spanish teachers, it is a phenomenon celebrated by teachers of all areas. On this site, teachers are able to create quizzes, discussions, or surveys that can be used inside and outside of the classroom to get students excited about learning! These applications make it fun and easy to reinforce knowledge, recap learning, and practice before exams!

7. teAchnology

teachnology spanish language resources

Stuck on lesson plan ideas? This site has you covered with over 46,000 lesson plans! Teachnology categorizes lesson plans by specific subjects making it easy for teachers from kindergarten to high school find worksheets that suit their classroom needs.

8. Spanish Online spanish language resources

This site has everything from teaching to learning to traveling that will definitely enhance your knowledge of the Spanish language and culture. Teachers can find free lessons and lesson plans along with interactive downloads and a blog!

What websites did we leave off our list? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Allison Swider

6 thoughts on “Where to Find Free Spanish Language Teaching Resources

  1. ¡Hola!

    We have come across your very useful list of resources for learners of the Spanish language.

    As part of the team that created DELE Ahora (, I would like to suggest that you somehow also include it in the list of available resources.

    The website already provides a wide variety of resources that could be very useful for your students, all for free:

    – Articles on Spanish grammar, vocabulary in Spanish, music, cinema, and hispanic cultural in general
    – Lots of Spanish language activities/exercises by level, ranging from A1 to C2, include reading & listening practice
    – An online Spanish verb conjugator
    – A totally free Spanish online dictionary
    – Material especially tailored towards the official DELE diplomas (by Instituto Cervantes)

    I believe it would be a very valuable addition to your resources list.

    ¡Un saludo desde España!

    1. Hola Salvador, thank you for the information on the DELE Ahora, that’s great. I took the ELE teacher’s course A1-C2 and these books look ideal to match up with it for future students. Do you know if I could order them from a UK website if I want to buy the first levels to get a feel for the content? If coming from Spain they could take a while in customs now we have left the EU. Saludos, Vikki

      1. Apologies for the delayed reply but I guess I just spotted your question. 🙂

        The books can be purchased from any country (the paperbacks are all available via Amazon, UK too, of course – and the ebooks are available both via the website itself and Amazon).

        Btw, we also feature free-to-download samples for each and every one of the books, so that you can have a look and see what they are about.

        Feel free to let us know in case you need anything – all questions are more than welcome!

        Cheers from Spain!

  2. Thanks a lot. This is a great information. I would like to be in contact with Spanish teachers and be able to share experiences and concerns.
    Hola desde Florida USA

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