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New French Lesson Plan: Voyage, Voyage! Episode 1

October 17, 2019 Sarah Bichsel 2 Comments

ACIS is excited to offer a new video-based lesson plan for high school French classrooms! 

Voyage, Voyage! is an engaging, two-part series created just for French teachers. In Episode 1, Hélène is frustrated to learn her flight home from Paris has been cancelled after an overwhelming week of work. Lou, a friendly young woman also en-route to the US, meets a disgruntled Hélène and decides to help her make the most of a free day in Paris.

Episode 1 is now available for download

The video, as well as the accompanying exercise workbook, puts essential French language skills into practice in a funny, relatable format. Topics of review include:

  • Forms of être
  • Common expressions
  • Verb conjugations
  • Plus, in depth cultural exploration of some of Paris’s most famous sites!

Download Voyage, Voyage! Episode 1 below and be on the look out for more French lesson plan content with the release of Episode 2 in the coming weeks!

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

2 thoughts on “New French Lesson Plan: Voyage, Voyage! Episode 1

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