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VIDEO: Why Choose ACIS? – ACIS Tour Managers: Brilliant and Dedicated-To You!

January 20, 2016 Marc Amigone 3 Comments

At ACIS, we offer exceptional educational journeys, not ordinary tours. There are many ways in which ACIS tours are different from the rest of the pack, and in our new series of videos, we’ve set out to define exactly what they are. One of the ways in which we’re different are our world-class tour managers.

It can be challenging to gain a native’s perspective when traveling abroad. That’s why ACIS hires and trains exceptional tour managers from all over the world to guide our groups and provide the best possible travel experience. More than just native guides, our tour managers come from a wide range of professional backgrounds including teachers to lawyers to journalists and more. Not only are they extremely skilled at managing groups and coordinating with overseas offices to ensure a smooth travel experience, but they’re also deeply knowledgeable when it comes to the history and culture of the destination.

We believe when you’ve invested the time, money and effort to go abroad and experience a foreign culture, every moment matters. That’s what separates an exceptional educational journey from an ordinary tour.

Click here for a deeper look at what makes ACIS exceptional.

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Marc Amigone

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Why Choose ACIS? – ACIS Tour Managers: Brilliant and Dedicated-To You!

  1. ACIS’s tour managers are intelligent, friendly, inspiring, and selfless on every journey. They bring the magic, and make the trip an unforgettable experience for the kids and teachers. In 14 years of traveling, I’ve always come home feeling like the tour managers were a new friend and cohort in opening the world to my students.

    This video really brings to light the wonderful, educational experiences the students have with ACIS!

  2. This video is absolutely the essence of what ACIS is all about. These tour managers are the on-ground experts of that part of the world my groups are visiting, and are an essential part of making the history, culture, and personality of the country come alive. They are the ambassadors that help to make both students and adults become more informed citizens of the world. Thank you, ACIS, for bringing these folks to us!

  3. My students and I are so excited about our trip that starts in 41 days! I have told them funny stories about previous trips, about our tour manager, Thierry, and just how much fun we are going to have. They will learn so much about not only France but about themselves during our 10 days together.
    Merci, ACIS!

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