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STEM Classroom Activity – Invasive Species “Wanted” Poster

January 23, 2018 Marc Amigone No Comments

Invasive species are a problem for ecosystems all over the world, and in our increasingly globalized world, they’re only going to continue to pose a persistent threat.

Click here to download the STEM Classroom Activity

That’s why we’re excited to share our latest teacher resource: A STEM Classroom Activity focusing on Invasive Species. Written by Carlie Frydman, a high school biology teacher from Denver, Colorado, this lesson plan will give students insight into the global nature of the problem and help them find innovative ways to help solve this ongoing issue.

This classroom activity is intended for science teachers who wish to incorporate real-life connections and an international focus into their students’ study of Ecology.

Students will come away with in-depth knowledge of:

  • How to define invasive species
  • Why they present problems to ecosystems across the world
  • How biologists in different countries attempt to control invasive species
  • Which invasive species affect which countries and regions

While a STEM focused educational tour is a great way to give your students in-depth access to the reality of dealing with ecological issues like these, we hope exposing your students to invasive species in this vivid fashion will inspire them to travel and see the world come alive!


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