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Scary Stories From Other Educational Travel Companies

October 29, 2019 Sarah Bichsel 1 Comment

Warning: you may want to read these chilling tales with the lights on!

The Return

It was nearing night in Rome. Lydia’s group walked in awe through the piazza, lit up with twinkling lights and slowly filling with locals. A band was setting up in one corner and the gelateria putting out chairs on another.

“Can we stay here for a while, Ms. Canning?” One of her students begged.

A sudden chill blew through the air, sending shivers through the spine, and the ground began to quake. A massive black bus rounded the corner and pulled to a stop in front of Lydia and her group with a hisssss. The bus door creaked open. Out stepped a tall, gaunt figure, dressed in a bell hop’s uniform.

“The staff at the hotel is expecting you…OUTSIDE THE CITY LIMITS.”

The ACIS Difference: Centrally located hotels that allow you to maximize your time in the place you came to see.

Dial D for Delay

The wind howled and the rain lashed as Mrs. Dunn frantically dialed the number she had been given in her orientation packet. She looked over her shoulder down the hallway: At any moment, the students would rise from their beds and learn, as she had, that their flight home had been cancelled.

“Come on, come on, pick up, pick up,” she whispered. If she could just reach the customer service department, she could talk to someone before…

A door creaked open. A low moan filled the hall. They were coming.

She screamed: “It’s an automated number! We’ve been put on hold!”

The ACIS Difference: A 24-hour duty officer who will be on call to help with anything you need while on tour.

Dinner is Served

They were seated at the table, waiting for dinner to begin. The students were hungry after a long day of touring, and they couldn’t wait to try their first bite of authentic Parisian food.

Alyssa, though, felt a deep unease that she couldn’t quite express to her fellow classmates. Something was wrong. And why had their teacher been gone so long?

A line of waiters plodded to the table and placed a covered dish in front of every attendee.

“Bon Appetit,” one waiter said coldly. Alyssa lifted the cloche cover and screamed in abject horror.

It was their first night in Paris and they had been given chicken fingers and fries.

The ACIS Difference: Authentic and satisfying meals that won’t leave you wanting to look for food post-dinner.

Enter If You Dare

Mr. Philips approached the entrance to Neuschwanstein, his students excitedly clustering beside him. They couldn’t wait to see the castle, even if some of the older kids had been saying that Mad King Ludwig still walked the misty mountain grounds.

He took another step and in a flash, a claw-like grip was on his shoulder. A staff member with ghostly pale skin held him back at arms length. “Enter this place only if you dare!”

The students gasped. “Is it really haunted?” One croaked.

“No,” the attendant whispered. “But the ticket fee is not included in your tour package and you’ll have to pay extra!”

The ACIS Difference: More inclusions on tour than any other company, so you can reach for your wallet less.

Sarah Bichsel

Sarah Bichsel

One thought on “Scary Stories From Other Educational Travel Companies

  1. These may be created names and specifics but sadly they are reality when traveling with companies other than ACIS. I especially cite the company known by two letters that touts their low prices. Those prices are low because of all the out of pocket fees travelers are hit with while on tour.

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